Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Father's Day, June 25, 2012

On Father's Day, Spencer sent a quick text to his Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  Here is some of the conversation the day after:

hey little mane oh sorry ELDER OLSEN            Thank you for the text it made my year and i showed every one at the gym and the two pictures of you they were all exited.  Wednesday Connor and i took Phil curtis out to lunch ( I payed ha ha ) and Friday night Connor and i ,Pres Curtis , Phill, Bishop ,Jacob,Colin and Nick went to the DBACKS game it was a lot of fun and the Dbacks won the cubs .T HE dBACKS ARE MAKING A MOVE they are 5 game out of first. P HIL GAVE HIS FAIRWELL he is just like his father ha ha .  Spencer Morgan got fired last week by your guy CHAPPMAN.I LOVE YOU SO PROUD OF YOU. WORK HARD YOU HAVE GIVEN YOU FAMILY MORE BLESSING THEN YOU KNOW. WRITE YOUR BROTHER, CONNOR. LOVE YOUR DADDY FATTY

Hey Dad,

Ya i was hoping you would like that. its getting really crazy. i sat down and made a list yesterday about things that i couldnt beleive. 1. That i was living in honduras 2. that i am on my mission already 3. that i have 8 months almost 9 without my family 4. that i can speak spanish. someday i feel really good in my spanish and others horrible. but its carzy that i understand jsut about what everyone tells me and when i get the chance to watch tv that i understand it haha. jk jk lol lol. but i love you talk to you soon.

So, We compared Spencer's picture from when he was in the MTC and Now and couldn't believe the difference!!!

November, 2011 in the MTC

June, 2012  WOW!!!

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