Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 2, 2012 - Discouraging Week

We went on a road trip to take Mitchell, our son, to Provo for EFY, a church camp at BYU.  We waited all day to get his email, and then it ended up being a little discouraging.  If anyone would like to write to him, I'm sure he would really enjoy hearing from anyone.  You can send a letter using the address in the margin of the blog, or you can open an account with Dearelder.com and they send the letter for free.  You type in his name, Elder Spencer Olsen, and his mission is Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  Or you can do the pouch method, where you write/type a one page letter, and then fold it in thirds, tape it shut and send it to the Utah address with a single stamp and they send it out to the mission field.  He's been a little discouraged so it would be nice to hear from some of his friends and family.

Here is this week's letter:

Hey mom and everyone,

First off you have no idea how wet i currently am right now. we were getting my comps hiar cut and headed to the cyber and it started to sprinkle and then all of a sudden a down poor. Like when people talked about the streets turn into rivers in no time its true. It was wild so we took shelter in a clothing store for like 10 minutes and they gave us some bags to put our stuff in and then walked in the rain for like half a mile to come and write you guys haha.

Well this week was a huge flop. There wasnt much motivation to do much. The other night we went to a house for dinner because our plans fell through. and all they had was soup. and soup out here is very differente. i dont like the soup here. and so the day or 2 after i got a little sick again... it is not fun being sick walking around all day. today im doing better.

It was just a huge bust this week i really have nothing to say this week haha.
 Man alive this time is going quicker and quicker. next week we are at changes again and im still not sure if im going to leave or not.  But ya we will see on wednesday next week what happens with changes haha.

How are your new missionaries doing out there. im trying to take a look at who they are online right now but lds.org isnt working very well right now. Well im currently doing good drying off just a little bit haha. but like i already said this week was kind of a dud so i dont even have pictures... sorry. Well cant wait to see how everything turns out and hey tell mitchell to tell his good looking counslors from efy that he has a brother thats on a mission and is looking for someone to write hahaha. no joke. hey and while your in provo and idaho be looking up there too hahaha. love you guys im doing great have a fun road trip

Elder Spencer Olsen

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