Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 26, 2012 The Package Arrives

dear mom and everyone,

YES! i got my package today and i am so excited. i hope you activated my card already or that does me no good yet haha. and i hope the pens work of marking scrits and dont bleed not sure yet. and i am currently wearing my new tie.
the divorce is going good. we are in a waiting process right now but in about 3 weeks we should be able to pull out all the paper work to start the wedding. we talked with the branch presidency yesterday. and they said the should be able to pay for the wedding all the paper work, transport and the reception for after the baptism. which is about 1500 limps so that helps alot. and the mission is going to pay for about eeverything else which has been the laywer and the transport up to now. so that is about 4500 limps. so im going to get back just about all the money i have spent on this so far about 15oo limps so if you see 75 dollars go away in like a month just relize that its for all of that stuff. but what im hearing right now that the 1st presidency says that all missionaries have to be in thier areas for 4 changes (NOT transefers learn the lingo haha) or 6 months. which is alot of freaking time.
we had another 2 baptisms. that puts my number now at 9. that were 2 little granddaughters of the old hma maria. almost her whole family are members were are just trying to bring everyone back together. theirs names are carmen she is the older one and francy. carman was initaitally really scared of us and very shy. up untill yesterday i dont think she really liked us. francy told us she didnt like us because the 1st time we came over aparrently we told her we were going to teach her the word of god and we didnt. but now here and i are really good friends. i taught her the word of god i guess haha. francy is very shy too but a little more open then her sister. they are just 2 little girls that live in the middle of no where with no lights of working plumming. but they are a very nice family. rioght now we are trying to get their brother baptized. he got his interview. but back out the day of. so i think we are going to baptize him the week after conference.
like i said the weeks are really getting short. it only feels like 2 or 3 days ago thatr i wrote you guys last. but thats whats going on out here in monjaras. we just baptize. elder carter says we can only do 2 things in the mission planch (be disobedient) or baptize but he does it in a funny accent.
misson terms...
changes or cambio(spanish)- transfers
flech- super obeient to where its annoying
flechone- the missionary who is flech
planch- to be very disobedient
planchereo- the missionary who is planch
bagi- truncky
gip (geep)- to flirt
girper- a flirt
chupar la piña- to make out
these are the terms i and the mission use and so if i uses these you will know what i am talking about. esspecially bagi and changes. not truncky or transfers.
anyways happy birthday to all. so i have collected a few things for everyone or in the process of finding it. so what i will probably do is send it with one of the missionaries that goes home in three weeks and have him send it from his house so its cheaper and less likely to get lost.

les amo mucho, les extraño mucho
Elder Spencer Olsen

we had an fhe and honduran fathers day and the lady on the ends birthday last monday. thats hma marisela she mean but very nice too its really funny
this picture does her justice i think haha

these are my crocodile scripture covers they are so sick and im getting a wallet just like them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012 - The Divorce is Close!!

hey mom and everyone
So the 1st thing about the spell check is that it is for spanish here so almost all my words would come up as wrong.
it was kinda of a lazy week even though we have like 7 new investigators. its because we have to walk nearly 2 miles to get to most of our investigators. 6 of my 1st 7 live out there because no one has tracked out their in like a year. but our next 2 also live out there too. so we always ended up at the house a little early haha. but we are still doing our work. and no i didnt take the BOMB thats for only missionaries that are leaving. im totally fine my stonach is getting used to the food and the water. but i have stopped accepting water from cups from people that just give them to me.
but seriously not a whole lot happened this week. we taught some lesson. we should baptize atleaste one little girl this week. the grandadaughter of hna maria.
with danny and lanny... so her kid we found out doesnt carry the last name of the guy so he is not an issue for a leagal battle. so what the lawyer told us that it should be just about 30 days untill everything is done. so since its not going to be done till after cater leaves looks like i might have to pay for the rest of the lawyer hehe... 1500 limps. but i finally got the 100 dollars from the office the other day and it came out to be like 1880 limps to change it. and i talked with the APs the other day and they said with the new fondo and how faithful the are in going to church every week that they are going to reemborse everything. i told them its going to cost about 7000 limps for everything transport, divorce, papers, and the wedding and they said the could do it. so all that starving myself for a week was worth it hahah.
but ya other than waling like 4 miles back and forth from our area nothing has really been going on. but im having a great time right now. just hope they dont white wash the area and i dont get danny and lanny baptized. i will probably cry.
but i love you guys hope everthing turns around on connor´s luck with my things.
con amor
Elder Spencer Olsen

this is a honduran shower

boa and gyrobo skin

honduran mud house

beans beans the musical fruit

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, Week 22 Questions and Answers

dear mom and everyone,

so it was was change week this last week. Im still in monjaras im going to kill carter. meaning this is his last change in his mission. it was a short week cuz we did have a whole lot of time to do what we were supposed to. we did baptize. his name is christian. he was a reference from his uncle who has a calling in the distric. we are walking to dinner one night and he stops us tells us he has a reference for us. the kid is 10 years old his mom and most of his family are members so he taught him for like 2 weeks where his mentality is he wanted to be baptized the day we came over he is a really funn kid.

we had that other beach party and i didnt get in the water. the 1st time was just guys getting their feet in but the zls cracked down on that this time no one got in this time. i read the letters that alma don sent. and our finacial elder is a little lazy. i have been waiting on a reembursle for like 2 or 3 weeks for 885 limps which is almost half of what we recieve every 2 weeks and on top of that we have been pay the lawyer and for all the papers that they need to get divorced. and i have heard of the pill called the BOMB i heard the next 3 days after are just like drinking the pila water.

repuestas (answers)
no i havent gotten the package yet it normally takes like a month or so to get them.
no i havent gotten my ipod back i dont see that kid anymore. its gone
the shine the shoes question is a good one, but there is only 1 payved road in all of monjaras and it makes no different if i do or not shine my shoes and they are doing fine i just wish i had a flat pair for when i went into the city
the food is good, but i found i really hate the soup down here. we had this one where it was rice pepers uca and torta pescado (fish cake). it is their left over bread and sun dried fish backed together it is aweful.
right now with the wheather it is just getting hotter. there is a week coming up the same week as conference call la semana santa (holy week). it is easter jsut a week long. but after that everyone says its going to start the rainy season. but it is still really hot hot here, better than being freezing cold is russia.
i drank the pila water because i didnt know it was pila water untill after i had dranken it.
ya paracites can stay with you cater can eat so much more because of the paracites that he has haha.
and no i didnt tell them they dont care about us in the south not a joke lol.

so the divorce... kinda hit a huge snag with that one. so the lawyer got all the paper work. all she had to do was go tell him about it and sign a paper that was it. but... come to find out he isnt going to sign the paper till he get s the kid they have together. which we didnt know about. this little kid is like 2 and a half and lives with the girls mom. so idk if this makes a difference i dont know the law down here with kids. so that where we are at with that right now. we still havent actually talked with the girl yet but hopefully we can figure this out.

so its been kind of a stressful week. i have been without money for what feels like 2 weeks. but im survivng. we get enough food from members to survive. i have 100 dollars cash in the office in tegus but no one seems nice enough to get it for me. im so fruterated with the office. but anyway i just keep going along with what i have i know the lord will provide away.

les amo
Elder Spencer Olsen

Welcome to Monjaras

This is where he goes every week for Pday

christian and his cousins. we are working with 2 more of them too

honduran filtrarition i dont trust that either

christian and his mom i got to baptise him. numer 7

-bday party of a member

-more of the bday party

March 13, 2012 Hermana Maria 65/Wallet

I love Monday's. We got the first email.

Spencer was able to resend the picture of Hermana Maria. I had to post it because she is so cute!

I was able to send a quick message back right away to let him know that we love him and are proud of him.

Then we got the second email. It was to Connor:

hey you can tell connor i order his wallter it shiould be about 3 weeks before i get it. i also got some scripture covers of crocodile its going to cost about 2500 limps for everything and the guy said i could pay for it in parts.

And then we waited and waited and waited for the real email to come in. I think because it was long and it had a bunch of pictures attached that it took a long time to travel from Honduras to Arizona. It came around 8 pm. I was so excited. I stay so antsy until I get the letter. Its another good one.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 5, 2012 4 am Inspiration

Dear mom and everyone

thank you for sending the package. there about a week ago me and cater couldnt eat for like 3 or 4 days. wedidnt have any money or dinner appointments. i didnt have any money beacause cizmas´s old comp refused to pay the power bill when i had paid it the month before and cater hadnt been there and cizmas paid for it the month before i did. he is a selfish proud, and immaturelittle kid from mexico. he is the reason they have to move out.he did somethings he shouldn have done and tried to take care of it in the wrong way. but the still havent moved out though.

so there has been alot of contention in the house lately with cizmas´s old comp. and so last week when i was sick i got up to go to the bathroom at 4 in the morning. i tried going back to bed but it was really hard. they i heard a voice like someone had said something in my ear .it was the loudest thing i had heard like that. ande it said alma 2:5. so i got up and read it. and at 4 am it made no sence to when we got back from fhe with soem members i wanted to look into it alittle more. so i read it again and noticed that next to the words wonderful contention was a foot note that said 3 nephi 11:29. that is thwe scritpture that says that contention is of thew devil. so i think basically God is mad at us and wants us to stop fighting. it was the weirdest thing ever so im working on it haha.

this last week wasnt such a good week. for the 1st half of the week i was stomach hust like there was apinball game going on insideme.and i was pooing my brains out. so we really didnt leave the house untill like 5 on tuesday but after we ran into one of the hnos from the branch and said he had a reference for us. he has a 10 year old nefew who wants to get baptized. and when we got there like 4or 5 of his cousins wanted to be baptized too. niño baptisms. thatswhy people used to baptize here somush hahaha.but thesekids are legit and have support.

othere that that it has been a pretty boring wee. alot of this week was trying to reactivate a few peopleso you nownta wholelotis going on for us. there was another baptism atthe beach yesterday. it was that elders last chance to baptize as a missionary. it was really cool. it was someone who jsut started asking him questions. it was a way coolexperience.

oh also we are trying to take on this this ladys ´´husband´´ isnt a member and they arent married. about 5 months ago the sisters tried working with this family to get everything straight. because she cant be apart of the branch because she is living in sin. but the sisters got moved to a different areain the zon. so they asked theeldersto keep going with all the stuff and they didnt. and the 1st elder that didnt go is stillhere. and she hates him because he didnt help her family. so we tried to go help the other night... nothing. i couldnt feel anything because they were from the other area in monjaras. it wsa the weirdest thisng. whenever my compwould ask me to say something i had nothing to say say to them. man this churchis true haha.

we also had to dedicate a grave yesterday. that was really interesting. most of the family arent members.but the guyswife is. she has been through the temple and everything it wasaway cool experience.i gave a little 5 minute message about what we where doing and the reserection and elder carter did the ordinance. all ways soemthing different in this country.

well thats it for this week. i love you guys.only 2 and sa half months till i get to call again

les amo
Elder Spencer Olsen

this is my zone. smallest in the mission

this ismy district

this was the baptismal font before they had a chapel

this are some of the people from the monjaras branch

us at the beach yesterday behind me is elder wilkison and to my left is carter

February 27, 2012 Thank you Grandma Linda

Hey grandma,
sorry its taken so long to get you a letter we have just been so busy. i have had 5 baptisms this month. so its been really crazy. we are still working on that divorce so that is also really diffecult to deal with and try to remember all of our investigators.

But thank you so much for all of you support. Sincerly, i love that im the 1st grandson for you to have gone on a mission. im doing my best to be obedient and do the things im supposed to. thank you for the help with the camera. i love it. its so much fun taking pictures of all the things we do. like on saturday we baptised an old women she is 65 names maria. she cant remeber anything. no even our names. its really funny. and every experince she tells us about is about faith. everything for her is about faith. but it was way awesome

thank you for all all of your support im doing my best

te amo

Elder Spencer Olsen

-this is me in wendys on pday with one of the zls in the mission