Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old Pictures, July 30, 2012

I was on Elder Cizmas' blog last month and he was at the same District Meeting Spencer was at a few weeks ago.  He posted a few pictures that had Spencer in them.  Since he hasn't sent pictures for the past 2 weeks, I thought I would share them with you.  Enjoy - He looks so HAPPY!

Got My Package! July30, 2012

Well, it's another week without pictures.  Bummer!  I so miss the pictures!!  We sent him a package on the 6th and he got it sometime this past week.  Pretty good.  We sent him an Ipod with church music.  I even bought some Spanish Hymns at the bookstore.  He was excited about that.  We got him a BYU-Idaho tee-shirt.  I sent one for him and for his companion.  The way he made things seem was that he would be changed so I sent a large shirt.  But there were no changes and you have seen the size of his companion.  He's so little.  Oh well.  I sent two ties, one for him and one for his companion. I also sent an 8G SD card.  And then there are the goodies:  Spiderman fruit snacks and I left them in the box, beef jerky, mike & ike's, sour patches, Jiff peanut butter to-go, Recese Pieces, Chocolate Cookie Mix, CTR Pencils, April Conference Ensign.  We were in Colorado when I sent it, so I got a couple of cards and had everyone sign them,  and I think that's it.  It's fun to send packages, but you worry that they aren't going to get it.  It's always a relief when you get the e-mail saying that he got it. Next time I think I'll send some cold cereal.  haha.  Things seem to be better for him this week.  We are just so proud of him!

Dear mom and everyone 
Well on tuesday i got my package!!!!!! thanks for the stuff you sent. you did really good on the music. and the shirt was way cool. just the shirt you sent my comp was too big for him he is a small hahah but its all good.

But also on tuesday we had interviews with president. i passed im not coming home haha. they were just interview we have every other change. nothing to big.

But with that whole experience we had where we ran into that girl coming home she didnt end up going to church yesterday so we have to push the baptism back again. but like you guys have said the mission has made me a little more patient and still trying to be a little more.

the big thing we have been focusing in is that our baptisms dont fall. so its just the same people everyday, we have 2 families we are teaching one of them is married and they are really positive and the other we are going to have to get married but they are positive too. we just need to work with them a little bit harder hopefully everything works out before i leave in about 3 weeks. its just been a long time here and the end of my time in danli is coming fast. its going to be hard to say goodbye to another set of people again that a big majority of them i will never see again and in about 6 months they will forget my name but thats the mission for ya.

Well im doing good staying obedient doing all i can with what i have. oh hey so a few things i would like in my next package ;) is just a bunch of stuff from arizona. especially an arizona flag. that would be totally awesome. Love you guys

Elder Spencer Olsen

Garrett- Man alive kid i cant beleive that you are already going to jr high school. that was one of my hardest years for kids that were jerks to me. so what i have to tell you is that dont worry about what the other kids say or do jsut tell them quitate con este casaca . it means get out of here with that bs. its fun knowing another laguage

mitchell- shoot kid and you are going to freaking high school. my one piece of advice is dont sleep through class and take good notes and you will fine. the one thing i did bad through high school was sleep through everything.

Connor- well you’re off to freaking college wooptiy freaking-do for you. hahahha. Just dont be stupid haha. and pray everyday that you get sent to the mission honduras tegucialpa cuz that would be sick or at leaste a spanish speaking mission. cuz im going to need someone to practice with in the house.

Dad- You will never beleive what type of car i found here in honduras. coming down for the mountain i live on there is a macanich workshop and they have a 1970 ford mavirk with a moc 1 engine. It just sits there with out tires rusting its kills me a little every time i pass it jsut cuz its always a little wet out here and they dont even have plastic over it. the guys told me his brother doesnt want to sell it. but he does nothing with it and it just sits there. ill take some pics for you this week it is so awesome.

Lost my usb cord for my camera ill find it this coming week and sent pics next week sorry   

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost Killed by a Dog! July 23, 2012

Hey mom and everyone

Well this week was a little interesting. The really big thing that happened was that a dog just about killed me. The other day we were headed to an appointment, and when we set it they told us they had a mean dog. I really didn’t believe them, so we went over there and it was sitting out in front of the house and I found out that it was a mean mean mean mean dog. I am very scared of dogs and so it started to charge me and so I ran from it and I fell on my back and it was trying to bite me so I was trying to kick it and then another dog came over and saved my life. It was crazy I thought I was going to die.

My area is too big. Me and my comp work all day everyday and we always seem that we dont have many lessons. But the thing is that we have to walk everywhere and now that we changed houses everything is really far away. So what we are going to do is ask president for bikes. The zls in my zone just got bikes, so we are going to ask for them too. Like to get to church it takes 20 minutes to get there. Most members that we live next to get taxis to go to church. So hopefully they’ll lets us get bikes. 

So I got a story that is really really cool. T... Saturday night we had an appointment set for someone who we havent seen in a while and she had a baptismal date and her sister has been having problems with her pregnancy so our inv. has been helping her sister. so we had the appointment set of like 7pm on saturday and we were going with a member and when we got to the inv. house she wasnt there so we headed back to the members house to eat dinner. So we finish up dinner and were getting ready to leave i lost the keys. We had walked around the corner and had realized that I didnt have the keys so we went back to the house and found the keys. They were in my backpack. so we left the members house and we were late getting back home. It was like 945 when we left and right before we got home we ran into the inv and talked to her and we are pretty sure that she is going to get baptized this week.

WEll i love you guys hope everything is good. dont worry im fine. im good and im trying my best to be obedient but i am the son of allan olsen

With Love
Elder Spencer OLsen

Thursday, July 19, 2012

9 Months - July 16, 2012

 Spencer didn't get changed, but he did move houses.  Poor guy!  You'll understand when you read his stories.  We are so blessed to live where we do and have all of the comforts and luxuries of life.  We take so many things for granted!

Hey mom and everyone,

So this week was change week. So these weeks aren’t really that exciting when you get changes but I didn’t have changes. I’m still in Bella Vista. But what we did do is that we changed house. So about 2 weeks ago we had a ward FHE and they chose a member’s house to do it in every week. So we went and they had it in a nice big house that no one was living in. So we asked the lady who was in charge of the FHE about it and she said she would ask her brother about it. The reason we were looking for a new house was because the apartments we were living in before there was 3 ladies who 1st off were really rude.  Like one time I went back to the house to pick up a soccer ball to play and they had a trash bag next to the pila which is where people wash their cloths and dishes.  It’s like a tank of water with a concrete wash board, and the bag had a bunch of maggots on it and I asked to throw it out very nicely and calmly and she flipped out on me. And the other issue was their shower was outside of their apartment and they would have to leave their part of the house in just their towels and sometimes with nothing on at all. So we changed houses. It’s a little farther away from everything but it’s a really nice house.  The only thing I miss of the old house is that the old house had a hot water shower but we have talked to the land lord and she said she would look into getting us a better shower head. Ya buddy.

So about your guys little cough... that’s nothing.  You want to know what happened to me this week. So on Tuesday I was saying goodbye to everyone and one lady invited us to baleadas.  I don’t think she cook the beans very well cuz my comp got really sick that we had to stay in the house for 2 days. And on Tuesday night going to Wednesday morning I woke up at 230 to go poo.  And all of a sudden it came out of no where and we didn’t have toilet paper and the other issue was that my comp had diarrhea too.
So I run downstairs and got some notebook paper and was waiting for my comp and was taking forever and I couldn’t hold it. I had to run outside to go do my business. And I get out there and it exploded in my shorts. It was horrible.  I had to take a shower with cold water at 3 am. So you guys can’t complain about a little cough to me! haha. And I still have 15 months left.

Yesterday we had to pick up a little bit on our lesson so we did division with the ym, and we had a sweet,. sweet lesson.  I really think that I’m really getting a hold of this whole Spanish thing haha. But I love you guys. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you get better.


Elder Spencer Olsen

S'mores on the 4th of July                                             Hanging with ZL's on 4th of July

Elder Caal - Companion                                                 Danli Dog

Hermana Torres - The Sister who washes his cloths

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 4th of July, July 9, 2012

This week was a little better for him.  He had a fun 4th of July.  Here is what he did:

Hey mom and everyone. 

So this week being the last week of the change has been a little bit interesting haha. So on the 4th my DL came and did divisions with us so i went with his comp and elder caal stayed in the area. So the elders that live in the area next to the area of my DL are boh gringos so the were going to celebrate the 4th of july. They had stuff to do hot dogs and smores over a camp fire. So we did our normal day of work and for dinner we went over with those 2 missionaries. i bought the hot dogs and they basically put everything else. so we showed up a little earlier then them. But we built a fire and cook hot dogs and cook smores. there was someone who light off like 3 fireworks. it was alot of fun it and made me a little bagi but im all good now. 

lets see oh we found a new house we are going to live in. the house we live in currently isnt bad its just way small and there are some ladies that moved in like a month ago and there bathroom is out side of where they actually live and sometimes they come out... with very little cloths on. so if i sont have changes then we will move on wednesday. i really have no idea if im staying or going. so when i went to tegus to get my residency president said that everyone would stay in their areas for 6 months but other missionaries say that they have been saying that for like the last 2 years so i have no idea yet.

So on friday we had a devotional on firday and there was a missionary from queen creek that is coming home like in 2 weeks so he is going to take some stuff home for me. so ill call him and make some plans for what you guys can do to get it from him and what not but connor will finally get his wallet hopefully before he leave for school.

well i love you guys always im doing fine 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

 zone photo
Elder Cizmas is in the front row in the grey pants. I think it's neat that Spencer is still with him.


the kid with the red hair is the kid im sending the stuff home with.  

 this is elder acoasta he was my 1st zl he is going to go to byui also

July 2, 2012 - Discouraging Week

We went on a road trip to take Mitchell, our son, to Provo for EFY, a church camp at BYU.  We waited all day to get his email, and then it ended up being a little discouraging.  If anyone would like to write to him, I'm sure he would really enjoy hearing from anyone.  You can send a letter using the address in the margin of the blog, or you can open an account with Dearelder.com and they send the letter for free.  You type in his name, Elder Spencer Olsen, and his mission is Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  Or you can do the pouch method, where you write/type a one page letter, and then fold it in thirds, tape it shut and send it to the Utah address with a single stamp and they send it out to the mission field.  He's been a little discouraged so it would be nice to hear from some of his friends and family.

Here is this week's letter:

Hey mom and everyone,

First off you have no idea how wet i currently am right now. we were getting my comps hiar cut and headed to the cyber and it started to sprinkle and then all of a sudden a down poor. Like when people talked about the streets turn into rivers in no time its true. It was wild so we took shelter in a clothing store for like 10 minutes and they gave us some bags to put our stuff in and then walked in the rain for like half a mile to come and write you guys haha.

Well this week was a huge flop. There wasnt much motivation to do much. The other night we went to a house for dinner because our plans fell through. and all they had was soup. and soup out here is very differente. i dont like the soup here. and so the day or 2 after i got a little sick again... it is not fun being sick walking around all day. today im doing better.

It was just a huge bust this week i really have nothing to say this week haha.
 Man alive this time is going quicker and quicker. next week we are at changes again and im still not sure if im going to leave or not.  But ya we will see on wednesday next week what happens with changes haha.

How are your new missionaries doing out there. im trying to take a look at who they are online right now but lds.org isnt working very well right now. Well im currently doing good drying off just a little bit haha. but like i already said this week was kind of a dud so i dont even have pictures... sorry. Well cant wait to see how everything turns out and hey tell mitchell to tell his good looking counslors from efy that he has a brother thats on a mission and is looking for someone to write hahaha. no joke. hey and while your in provo and idaho be looking up there too hahaha. love you guys im doing great have a fun road trip

Elder Spencer Olsen

June 25, 2012

Hey mom and everyone,

Ok about the package... Dont work about hygine stuff i can get that here it just cost money haha. that would still be cheaper. Oh and on the razor thing i bought an electric razor in the mtc. so when you send connor out buy him one of those. their fast and easier, i hate using straight razors. they are a little expencive but they are so worth it. food is a whole other story. yes please. american food even if it is granola bars would be freaking awesome. Nad on the speakers they wouldnt be more than 500 to 1000 limps 25 to 50 bucks so that isnt hard to find stuff like that here.

So with Danni and Lani... so i talked to them like a month ago. they are doing good. one of the missionaries that was out there was telling me that the were being flip flops on the baptism thing. so i go really scared that we used up all that money for nothing. but when i actually talked to them they told me that that they just had to wait on a little more paper work and they would be good to go. but the thing was is that they were moving back to their home town Langue so i think the missionaries out there in monjaras gave the missionaries in Langue the reference for them but i have been meaning to call them ill probably do that tomorrow. but they are all good last i heard.

Thats so crazy that Philip is already going out he turned 19 on the 13 of this months. I heard there is a lot of work out there. one of my friends from monjaras is serving out there right now. i need to email him too haha. but thats so awesome for philip.

Lets see... the majority of my week was spent doing stuff for the wedding. the thing about that family is that they have a micro bus that they pick up and drop off little kids from school and they dont have any one to work for them so they have to do it for themselves. and the school schedules are really funny here so they had to move the wedding to saturday and that cost an extra 1000 limps to do that. so they put up 500 and between me and my comp we put up 500 so we sere all good. they cool thing about this is that the husband of this family is already a member. they tell me he was a just great kid in the church. his dad was in the bishopric he was jsut the greatest ym in the ward. they all went inactive and the he got his gf pregnant and there went his chances to go on the mission but he is a great guy. but what was bad about saturday is that the lawyer who was doing the wedding showed up 50 minutes late so we all got really scared that he wasnt going to show up. but she did in the end and the wife erika got baptized it was a great day. that makes 13 now.

That was really my week. The Euro Cup of Futbol is on so everyone is watching that. is crazy how intese people get in to that stuff here. Aparently when the 2 main teams of honduras play here Olympia and Montagua there are at least 3 murders. its redicouls. but its fun sometimes haha. Well that about what i got this week thatks for all you help

Love You Guys,

Elder Spencer Olsen

 this is samuel and erika when they got married


the 1st kiss and a married couple

the baptism

 the patirarch did the baptism

 And then all of us the girl in the backround is a good friend of Erika and the daughter of our cook lady

Father's Day, June 25, 2012

On Father's Day, Spencer sent a quick text to his Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day.  Here is some of the conversation the day after:

hey little mane oh sorry ELDER OLSEN            Thank you for the text it made my year and i showed every one at the gym and the two pictures of you they were all exited.  Wednesday Connor and i took Phil curtis out to lunch ( I payed ha ha ) and Friday night Connor and i ,Pres Curtis , Phill, Bishop ,Jacob,Colin and Nick went to the DBACKS game it was a lot of fun and the Dbacks won the cubs .T HE dBACKS ARE MAKING A MOVE they are 5 game out of first. P HIL GAVE HIS FAIRWELL he is just like his father ha ha .  Spencer Morgan got fired last week by your guy CHAPPMAN.I LOVE YOU SO PROUD OF YOU. WORK HARD YOU HAVE GIVEN YOU FAMILY MORE BLESSING THEN YOU KNOW. WRITE YOUR BROTHER, CONNOR. LOVE YOUR DADDY FATTY

Hey Dad,

Ya i was hoping you would like that. its getting really crazy. i sat down and made a list yesterday about things that i couldnt beleive. 1. That i was living in honduras 2. that i am on my mission already 3. that i have 8 months almost 9 without my family 4. that i can speak spanish. someday i feel really good in my spanish and others horrible. but its carzy that i understand jsut about what everyone tells me and when i get the chance to watch tv that i understand it haha. jk jk lol lol. but i love you talk to you soon.

So, We compared Spencer's picture from when he was in the MTC and Now and couldn't believe the difference!!!

November, 2011 in the MTC

June, 2012  WOW!!!