Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Got My Package! July30, 2012

Well, it's another week without pictures.  Bummer!  I so miss the pictures!!  We sent him a package on the 6th and he got it sometime this past week.  Pretty good.  We sent him an Ipod with church music.  I even bought some Spanish Hymns at the bookstore.  He was excited about that.  We got him a BYU-Idaho tee-shirt.  I sent one for him and for his companion.  The way he made things seem was that he would be changed so I sent a large shirt.  But there were no changes and you have seen the size of his companion.  He's so little.  Oh well.  I sent two ties, one for him and one for his companion. I also sent an 8G SD card.  And then there are the goodies:  Spiderman fruit snacks and I left them in the box, beef jerky, mike & ike's, sour patches, Jiff peanut butter to-go, Recese Pieces, Chocolate Cookie Mix, CTR Pencils, April Conference Ensign.  We were in Colorado when I sent it, so I got a couple of cards and had everyone sign them,  and I think that's it.  It's fun to send packages, but you worry that they aren't going to get it.  It's always a relief when you get the e-mail saying that he got it. Next time I think I'll send some cold cereal.  haha.  Things seem to be better for him this week.  We are just so proud of him!

Dear mom and everyone 
Well on tuesday i got my package!!!!!! thanks for the stuff you sent. you did really good on the music. and the shirt was way cool. just the shirt you sent my comp was too big for him he is a small hahah but its all good.

But also on tuesday we had interviews with president. i passed im not coming home haha. they were just interview we have every other change. nothing to big.

But with that whole experience we had where we ran into that girl coming home she didnt end up going to church yesterday so we have to push the baptism back again. but like you guys have said the mission has made me a little more patient and still trying to be a little more.

the big thing we have been focusing in is that our baptisms dont fall. so its just the same people everyday, we have 2 families we are teaching one of them is married and they are really positive and the other we are going to have to get married but they are positive too. we just need to work with them a little bit harder hopefully everything works out before i leave in about 3 weeks. its just been a long time here and the end of my time in danli is coming fast. its going to be hard to say goodbye to another set of people again that a big majority of them i will never see again and in about 6 months they will forget my name but thats the mission for ya.

Well im doing good staying obedient doing all i can with what i have. oh hey so a few things i would like in my next package ;) is just a bunch of stuff from arizona. especially an arizona flag. that would be totally awesome. Love you guys

Elder Spencer Olsen

Garrett- Man alive kid i cant beleive that you are already going to jr high school. that was one of my hardest years for kids that were jerks to me. so what i have to tell you is that dont worry about what the other kids say or do jsut tell them quitate con este casaca . it means get out of here with that bs. its fun knowing another laguage

mitchell- shoot kid and you are going to freaking high school. my one piece of advice is dont sleep through class and take good notes and you will fine. the one thing i did bad through high school was sleep through everything.

Connor- well you’re off to freaking college wooptiy freaking-do for you. hahahha. Just dont be stupid haha. and pray everyday that you get sent to the mission honduras tegucialpa cuz that would be sick or at leaste a spanish speaking mission. cuz im going to need someone to practice with in the house.

Dad- You will never beleive what type of car i found here in honduras. coming down for the mountain i live on there is a macanich workshop and they have a 1970 ford mavirk with a moc 1 engine. It just sits there with out tires rusting its kills me a little every time i pass it jsut cuz its always a little wet out here and they dont even have plastic over it. the guys told me his brother doesnt want to sell it. but he does nothing with it and it just sits there. ill take some pics for you this week it is so awesome.

Lost my usb cord for my camera ill find it this coming week and sent pics next week sorry   

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  1. Sounds like a great week - love the little personal notes at the end.