Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 4th of July, July 9, 2012

This week was a little better for him.  He had a fun 4th of July.  Here is what he did:

Hey mom and everyone. 

So this week being the last week of the change has been a little bit interesting haha. So on the 4th my DL came and did divisions with us so i went with his comp and elder caal stayed in the area. So the elders that live in the area next to the area of my DL are boh gringos so the were going to celebrate the 4th of july. They had stuff to do hot dogs and smores over a camp fire. So we did our normal day of work and for dinner we went over with those 2 missionaries. i bought the hot dogs and they basically put everything else. so we showed up a little earlier then them. But we built a fire and cook hot dogs and cook smores. there was someone who light off like 3 fireworks. it was alot of fun it and made me a little bagi but im all good now. 

lets see oh we found a new house we are going to live in. the house we live in currently isnt bad its just way small and there are some ladies that moved in like a month ago and there bathroom is out side of where they actually live and sometimes they come out... with very little cloths on. so if i sont have changes then we will move on wednesday. i really have no idea if im staying or going. so when i went to tegus to get my residency president said that everyone would stay in their areas for 6 months but other missionaries say that they have been saying that for like the last 2 years so i have no idea yet.

So on friday we had a devotional on firday and there was a missionary from queen creek that is coming home like in 2 weeks so he is going to take some stuff home for me. so ill call him and make some plans for what you guys can do to get it from him and what not but connor will finally get his wallet hopefully before he leave for school.

well i love you guys always im doing fine 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

 zone photo
Elder Cizmas is in the front row in the grey pants. I think it's neat that Spencer is still with him.


the kid with the red hair is the kid im sending the stuff home with.  

 this is elder acoasta he was my 1st zl he is going to go to byui also

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