Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey mom and everyone,

Ok about the package... Dont work about hygine stuff i can get that here it just cost money haha. that would still be cheaper. Oh and on the razor thing i bought an electric razor in the mtc. so when you send connor out buy him one of those. their fast and easier, i hate using straight razors. they are a little expencive but they are so worth it. food is a whole other story. yes please. american food even if it is granola bars would be freaking awesome. Nad on the speakers they wouldnt be more than 500 to 1000 limps 25 to 50 bucks so that isnt hard to find stuff like that here.

So with Danni and Lani... so i talked to them like a month ago. they are doing good. one of the missionaries that was out there was telling me that the were being flip flops on the baptism thing. so i go really scared that we used up all that money for nothing. but when i actually talked to them they told me that that they just had to wait on a little more paper work and they would be good to go. but the thing was is that they were moving back to their home town Langue so i think the missionaries out there in monjaras gave the missionaries in Langue the reference for them but i have been meaning to call them ill probably do that tomorrow. but they are all good last i heard.

Thats so crazy that Philip is already going out he turned 19 on the 13 of this months. I heard there is a lot of work out there. one of my friends from monjaras is serving out there right now. i need to email him too haha. but thats so awesome for philip.

Lets see... the majority of my week was spent doing stuff for the wedding. the thing about that family is that they have a micro bus that they pick up and drop off little kids from school and they dont have any one to work for them so they have to do it for themselves. and the school schedules are really funny here so they had to move the wedding to saturday and that cost an extra 1000 limps to do that. so they put up 500 and between me and my comp we put up 500 so we sere all good. they cool thing about this is that the husband of this family is already a member. they tell me he was a just great kid in the church. his dad was in the bishopric he was jsut the greatest ym in the ward. they all went inactive and the he got his gf pregnant and there went his chances to go on the mission but he is a great guy. but what was bad about saturday is that the lawyer who was doing the wedding showed up 50 minutes late so we all got really scared that he wasnt going to show up. but she did in the end and the wife erika got baptized it was a great day. that makes 13 now.

That was really my week. The Euro Cup of Futbol is on so everyone is watching that. is crazy how intese people get in to that stuff here. Aparently when the 2 main teams of honduras play here Olympia and Montagua there are at least 3 murders. its redicouls. but its fun sometimes haha. Well that about what i got this week thatks for all you help

Love You Guys,

Elder Spencer Olsen

 this is samuel and erika when they got married


the 1st kiss and a married couple

the baptism

 the patirarch did the baptism

 And then all of us the girl in the backround is a good friend of Erika and the daughter of our cook lady

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