Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost Killed by a Dog! July 23, 2012

Hey mom and everyone

Well this week was a little interesting. The really big thing that happened was that a dog just about killed me. The other day we were headed to an appointment, and when we set it they told us they had a mean dog. I really didn’t believe them, so we went over there and it was sitting out in front of the house and I found out that it was a mean mean mean mean dog. I am very scared of dogs and so it started to charge me and so I ran from it and I fell on my back and it was trying to bite me so I was trying to kick it and then another dog came over and saved my life. It was crazy I thought I was going to die.

My area is too big. Me and my comp work all day everyday and we always seem that we dont have many lessons. But the thing is that we have to walk everywhere and now that we changed houses everything is really far away. So what we are going to do is ask president for bikes. The zls in my zone just got bikes, so we are going to ask for them too. Like to get to church it takes 20 minutes to get there. Most members that we live next to get taxis to go to church. So hopefully they’ll lets us get bikes. 

So I got a story that is really really cool. T... Saturday night we had an appointment set for someone who we havent seen in a while and she had a baptismal date and her sister has been having problems with her pregnancy so our inv. has been helping her sister. so we had the appointment set of like 7pm on saturday and we were going with a member and when we got to the inv. house she wasnt there so we headed back to the members house to eat dinner. So we finish up dinner and were getting ready to leave i lost the keys. We had walked around the corner and had realized that I didnt have the keys so we went back to the house and found the keys. They were in my backpack. so we left the members house and we were late getting back home. It was like 945 when we left and right before we got home we ran into the inv and talked to her and we are pretty sure that she is going to get baptized this week.

WEll i love you guys hope everything is good. dont worry im fine. im good and im trying my best to be obedient but i am the son of allan olsen

With Love
Elder Spencer OLsen

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