Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 Tegucigalpa ACT Test

Hey mom dad and everyone,

Man Taymar is looking sooooo cute I can’t wait to go see her. Man her eyes are sooooo big she is sooooo cute. But man Lauren is using her like a little baby doll hahaha.

The act went really, really well. I took in in a place called the American school over by the president’s house. I thought there was going to be traffic to get over there because you have to take the freeway type of thing call el anillo periferico. So we left the house at like 630am to get there because my report time was at 8am and I still didn’t have an exact idea where on the campus I needed to go. But the dumb this was is that there wasn’t any traffic and we got there at like 7am so we had to sit there for an hour waiting for the test to start.

There were 3 others there with me but they were all from here in Honduras. They obviously spoke English but were talking to the teacher who gave us the test in Spanish even though she spoke to us in English. She was a nice lady the one that gave us the test. She is from here but studied counseling in the states and spoke prefect English. So it was a good time. The night before Boe help me out a ton. He is a math genius, and helped me with a bunch of formulas that I couldn’t remember for anything. It he helped me a lot. The easiest parts were the English and math. I’m still at horrible at reading. And the reading and science parts killed me. I wanted to die when I was taking those tests. But I think I should be fine. The test results will be going to the house.

The Mejia family is doing ok. It’s just really hard to try to move on when they keep asking the same thing over and over again. And they make every lesson 2 hours long. I went up there with elder Oveson last Tuesday to try to get things going again. We challenged them to baptism and cuz they are sooooo many it’s hard to try to teach them all at the pace they need thing. But we are still in the fight with them.

Yesterday went really good. We had a bunch of people at church. It felt really good cuz we haven’t had inv. in church for 2 weeks straight. My last week with elder head we found a family that the fathers mother is the owner of the hotel in langue. The guys name is Lenin. I met him while I was there in langue and we always tried to get him to go to church. But finally this week we got him to go with us him and all his family except his wife who works all weekend long. And he has an 18 year old son who has a big desire to go on a mission so we are helping with that too.

Then after church we went and ate. Then went to a cita that we missed Saturday because of my test. But it was really good it was with a kid named Roni that is really intelligent that when we left him a chapter in the bom he not only read it but he studied it. It was awesome. We left him 3nephi 11 that talks about when Christ establishes baptism and hey realized a lot of things that most people don’t recognize. Like how Christ calls and gives Nephi the authority to baptize. It was awesome.

Well it’s been a good week we should have 2 baptisms this week. So I’m really pumped for that. Can’t wait to see you guys just 24 days a way. Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept 16, 2013 Tegucigalpa Staying Strong

Hey Mom Dad and everyone,

Well... what can I say? This is going to be a difficult last month of my mission. So when I got to the area of my last change, the investigators that they had left me with were just a bunch of little kids. It was really bad. So we got in and started working with those that were the best and left the others behind. The big majority of them couldn’t get permission from their parents or they were just indecisive little children. So we started to get some references from the members in the ward, and they were going good. We were working with the YSA (Young Single Adults) teacher’s mother and that was going great. We are still working with the reference that the Elders Quorum president’s wife gave. They are going ok but just don’t want to seem to progress. It’s a little frustrating. And the Mejia family. They are just too stuck with that all you need to get to heaven and have an eternal family is just to have enough faith and everything will be ok.

So it just seems like everything that we had or have is just falling underneath us. So on Thursday I went on division with the missionaries from a place called Sabena Grande which is like an hour out of the city. It’s a nice little town. And they took me to the middle of nowhere I felt like I was back in the south in my little pueblo towns. It was great. It’s a very beautiful. I didn’t have time to take photos this last time but I will take some the next I go.

My comp is really chill. He is from Napa Cali but his parents are moving to South Carolina. He is just a really big guy, it’s unreal. He still has a little trouble with Spanish but I’m helping him a lot. He is just a really chill quiet kid. So I’m not too worried about him in the act because he normally just sits in silence. He likes to program computers and so I think in might be writing down code and stuff cuz he wants to make his own phone when so it should be fine.

Well everyone is getting on my back to get on the computer. I’m on to get off. I’ll try to get to a cyber a little later to write a little more. But I love you guys and I’ll have you photos next weeks. (It was a holiday in Honduras and the Stake was doing an Indexing Event at the building he was at.  They wanted to use the computer he was on, so he wasn't able to download pictures.)
Have a great week

Elder Spencer Olsen

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 12, 2013 TRAVEL PLANS

On Thurs, Sept 12, 2013, we were sitting at the Highland Football Game, (Spencer's Alma Mater), and I opened up my email for the first time that day, and guess what was the first email.....Spencer's Itinerary.  He's coming home.  I was screaming and all excited.  Thank goodness nothing exciting was going on for the other team we were playing.  So, here it is, Spencer is coming HOME:

October 17, 2013
Depart Tegucigalpa 11:48 am
Arrive Houston 3:55 pm
Depart Houston 5:38 pm
Arrive Phoenix 6:29 pm

He gets to have one carry-on, one checked luggage up to 50 lb. and 2nd luggage is $40 up to 50 lb.  I'm sure he is planning on leaving most of his things there and bringing home souvenirs. We are so excited and I can't wait to hold him in my arms.  He has already told me how he wants this to go.  We all have to be waiting down in Baggage Claim.  We have a long escalator from the gates down to Baggage.  He wants me to be waiting at the bottom of the escalator with a Diet Mountain Dew Circle K in one hand and In and Out in the other.  I told him we can go to In and Out on the way home.  He agreed to stopping on the way home.  It's going to be so exciting!  I can't wait.  If anyone wants to join us at the airport to welcome him home, you are more than welcome to join us.  Come join the FUN!

Sept 9, 2013 Tegucigalpa - LAST District

Hello Mom dad and everyone,

So we started a new change. But not just any change but my LAST change. It feels absolutely unreal. I did have change. I got a new comp, and his name is Elder Boe. He is from Napa, Cali. So that’s another comp I can go see his parents before he gets home hahahaha. He is really a chill kid. He has 7 months in the mish so he has a good idea how everything works now and that’s good. But ya it should be a good last change.

Let’s see in the aspect of work it’s been a little hard. It seems like everything we had or have is all falling. The familia Mejia is having some issues with Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It’s been a rough ride with them. They always ask the same question over and over again. But we are still going with them. We are going to watch the restoration video with them so that they can understand a little bit more about Joseph Smith.

So yesterday we didn’t have anyone in church, not even recent converts that go to our class were there. So Elder Boe and I started to try to get references and that worked out ok. We got like 5 to go and contact. It’s been a very baggie week. I have tried to stay motivated but its just so hard at times, but me and Elder Boe have made up a deal for how we are going to do things so we can both stay animated in all we do hahaha.

Man it’s getting down to the wire I take my ACT in 2 weeks. I’m studying. I think I should do fine. Just pray for me. Well I love you guys and can]t wait to get home and get on with everything. I’m sooooo excited.

Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

Elder Olsen's Last District.  Elder Boe is on the Left

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept 2, 2013 Tegucigalpa

Hello mom dad and everyone

Well man it’s really coming down to the wire... I can’t believe that I am an uncle!! And Why thank you so much for the news that you guys got me a car. Next would-be the cell phone hahaha. Jk But ya it’s been a pretty crazy week. I feel like I just wrote you guys. It was on Wednesday. So on Thursday the Zl’s told us that they were going to split our area. So that was kind of a big hit for us. Because we were going to have a split the area and find them a house. I’ll get to that in second.

So then after district meeting we went on divisions. I went with Elder Martinez. He was in my 1st zone nearly 2 years ago. He is from Monterrey Mexico. The really big thing we did was that we had a baptism on Friday so we had to go do her interview. That went over really well. But then we really didn’t do anything. We for dinner that night went to a pulp and bought beans, eggs, a little bit of bread and mantequilla. It was really sad hahaha.

So then on Friday we finished our divisions Friday afternoon and then went to back to the area. We were getting ready for our baptism knowing that the sisters had a baptism shortly after ours. And at about 3pm we get a call from a random number. I answered it and it was the mission leader of the sisters. So he started to get really upset with us that we were kicking them out of their time when the sisters told me that they we going to do their baptism 7pm. It was really dumb. But the guy called and freaked out for nothing cuz he was saying that we needed to be done and out but 7pm that they were going to NEED the baptismal room at that time and of course they when we gave them the room didn’t even start on time.  But it turned out really good.

So Saturday was sooooo dumb. I have never really liked touching doors. And my comp wanted to go contact this area called the Victor. First off to find a house for the new Elders that were coming and to also find them some inv so they weren’t starting with nothing. So from 12 noon till 4pm I swear we touched every single door in that place. We only found 2 houses that were for rent but they didn’t have any info neither phone members to call them with. Man it was unreal. I don’t ever want to contact again hahaha. Sunday we had stake conference. The stakes here always ask Pres Hernandez and his wife to come to stake conferences. Man my Pres knows how just to take the simplest stories and make them so interesting.

Then we went to lunch at a member’s house and when we were about to leave it started to rain until like 7pm. So we chilled there and went to the house at like 4 to wait it out. Then went to another member’s house to get dinner and finished the day.

Today we went to a place called Valle de Angels. It’s where Tarver finished his mish. It is a huge tourist part. But we just went shopping the entire time. No big thing. And they also told us that they aren’t going to split the area. And they are going to take out Elder Head I will know who my new comp is tomorrow night. But I’m doing great just serving, hahaha. 44 days and I’ll be coming down those stairs in Sky Harbor Airport hahahahaha.
Love you guys

Elder Spencer Olsen

 This is my district
 This is the baptism we had this week. Her name is Paola. She took nearly 4 years to get baptized 
Ws with some of the ward missionaries. Their dad is the 1st Counsolor of the Comayaguela Mission

Aug 28, 2013, I'm An UNCLE!

Hey mom dad and everyone

WOW THAT’S SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so even more excited to go home. I’m already planning a road trip to Utah when I get home so Idaho might just have to be part of it now hahahahaha. But that’s sooooo awesome for Lauren. Just think in about 4 or 5 years I’ll will be having my 1st. That’s a very scary thought hahaha.

But man this week has been just a normal week again. We did have a really good lesson earlier in the week. We have this girl named Paola that for the last 3 years she has not wanted to get baptized. So we ended up doing was without her knowing we asked her the baptismal questions. And she answered them all just perfectly fine. And then I told her that that’s all she needed to know to get baptized. And then my comp asked her why she was afraid of getting baptized. And she told us that is was because she didn’t want to pass in front and give her testimony. So it was kind of weird but she is good to go.

We do have this other girl named Dulce that man she has all the desire to be baptized but her family is keeping her from being able to do anything. She has a catholic grandmother that doesn’t even really realize what she is saying normally hahaha. It’s kind of funny. But we are still trying to see if she can get baptized this week.

So man it’s really coming down today there is exactly 7 weeks left in my mission 49 days. I can’t wait to get home and see all you guys and just be able to relax a moment, then get right back into the real world. I may talk like I am baggy but I have been working really well. It’s just really hard to stay focused all the time hahaha. But I love you guys see you all in 49 day haha.

Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

 Final Zone Conference - Tegucigalpa
 The New SUIT - Who is Harvey and who is Mike?
This is the Mejia fam. The guy in the suit in the middle is the head of security at the temple and we are teaching his family. Its way tight 
 This is my current Zone
Elder Olsen - Looking Good Again

This is Spencer's Niece, Taymar Pearle Nielsen.  She was born on Monday, Aug 26, 2013