Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept 16, 2013 Tegucigalpa Staying Strong

Hey Mom Dad and everyone,

Well... what can I say? This is going to be a difficult last month of my mission. So when I got to the area of my last change, the investigators that they had left me with were just a bunch of little kids. It was really bad. So we got in and started working with those that were the best and left the others behind. The big majority of them couldn’t get permission from their parents or they were just indecisive little children. So we started to get some references from the members in the ward, and they were going good. We were working with the YSA (Young Single Adults) teacher’s mother and that was going great. We are still working with the reference that the Elders Quorum president’s wife gave. They are going ok but just don’t want to seem to progress. It’s a little frustrating. And the Mejia family. They are just too stuck with that all you need to get to heaven and have an eternal family is just to have enough faith and everything will be ok.

So it just seems like everything that we had or have is just falling underneath us. So on Thursday I went on division with the missionaries from a place called Sabena Grande which is like an hour out of the city. It’s a nice little town. And they took me to the middle of nowhere I felt like I was back in the south in my little pueblo towns. It was great. It’s a very beautiful. I didn’t have time to take photos this last time but I will take some the next I go.

My comp is really chill. He is from Napa Cali but his parents are moving to South Carolina. He is just a really big guy, it’s unreal. He still has a little trouble with Spanish but I’m helping him a lot. He is just a really chill quiet kid. So I’m not too worried about him in the act because he normally just sits in silence. He likes to program computers and so I think in might be writing down code and stuff cuz he wants to make his own phone when so it should be fine.

Well everyone is getting on my back to get on the computer. I’m on to get off. I’ll try to get to a cyber a little later to write a little more. But I love you guys and I’ll have you photos next weeks. (It was a holiday in Honduras and the Stake was doing an Indexing Event at the building he was at.  They wanted to use the computer he was on, so he wasn't able to download pictures.)
Have a great week

Elder Spencer Olsen

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