Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept 23, 2013 Tegucigalpa ACT Test

Hey mom dad and everyone,

Man Taymar is looking sooooo cute I can’t wait to go see her. Man her eyes are sooooo big she is sooooo cute. But man Lauren is using her like a little baby doll hahaha.

The act went really, really well. I took in in a place called the American school over by the president’s house. I thought there was going to be traffic to get over there because you have to take the freeway type of thing call el anillo periferico. So we left the house at like 630am to get there because my report time was at 8am and I still didn’t have an exact idea where on the campus I needed to go. But the dumb this was is that there wasn’t any traffic and we got there at like 7am so we had to sit there for an hour waiting for the test to start.

There were 3 others there with me but they were all from here in Honduras. They obviously spoke English but were talking to the teacher who gave us the test in Spanish even though she spoke to us in English. She was a nice lady the one that gave us the test. She is from here but studied counseling in the states and spoke prefect English. So it was a good time. The night before Boe help me out a ton. He is a math genius, and helped me with a bunch of formulas that I couldn’t remember for anything. It he helped me a lot. The easiest parts were the English and math. I’m still at horrible at reading. And the reading and science parts killed me. I wanted to die when I was taking those tests. But I think I should be fine. The test results will be going to the house.

The Mejia family is doing ok. It’s just really hard to try to move on when they keep asking the same thing over and over again. And they make every lesson 2 hours long. I went up there with elder Oveson last Tuesday to try to get things going again. We challenged them to baptism and cuz they are sooooo many it’s hard to try to teach them all at the pace they need thing. But we are still in the fight with them.

Yesterday went really good. We had a bunch of people at church. It felt really good cuz we haven’t had inv. in church for 2 weeks straight. My last week with elder head we found a family that the fathers mother is the owner of the hotel in langue. The guys name is Lenin. I met him while I was there in langue and we always tried to get him to go to church. But finally this week we got him to go with us him and all his family except his wife who works all weekend long. And he has an 18 year old son who has a big desire to go on a mission so we are helping with that too.

Then after church we went and ate. Then went to a cita that we missed Saturday because of my test. But it was really good it was with a kid named Roni that is really intelligent that when we left him a chapter in the bom he not only read it but he studied it. It was awesome. We left him 3nephi 11 that talks about when Christ establishes baptism and hey realized a lot of things that most people don’t recognize. Like how Christ calls and gives Nephi the authority to baptize. It was awesome.

Well it’s been a good week we should have 2 baptisms this week. So I’m really pumped for that. Can’t wait to see you guys just 24 days a way. Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

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