Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 12, 2013 TRAVEL PLANS

On Thurs, Sept 12, 2013, we were sitting at the Highland Football Game, (Spencer's Alma Mater), and I opened up my email for the first time that day, and guess what was the first email.....Spencer's Itinerary.  He's coming home.  I was screaming and all excited.  Thank goodness nothing exciting was going on for the other team we were playing.  So, here it is, Spencer is coming HOME:

October 17, 2013
Depart Tegucigalpa 11:48 am
Arrive Houston 3:55 pm
Depart Houston 5:38 pm
Arrive Phoenix 6:29 pm

He gets to have one carry-on, one checked luggage up to 50 lb. and 2nd luggage is $40 up to 50 lb.  I'm sure he is planning on leaving most of his things there and bringing home souvenirs. We are so excited and I can't wait to hold him in my arms.  He has already told me how he wants this to go.  We all have to be waiting down in Baggage Claim.  We have a long escalator from the gates down to Baggage.  He wants me to be waiting at the bottom of the escalator with a Diet Mountain Dew Circle K in one hand and In and Out in the other.  I told him we can go to In and Out on the way home.  He agreed to stopping on the way home.  It's going to be so exciting!  I can't wait.  If anyone wants to join us at the airport to welcome him home, you are more than welcome to join us.  Come join the FUN!

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