Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 9, 2013 Tegucigalpa - LAST District

Hello Mom dad and everyone,

So we started a new change. But not just any change but my LAST change. It feels absolutely unreal. I did have change. I got a new comp, and his name is Elder Boe. He is from Napa, Cali. So that’s another comp I can go see his parents before he gets home hahahaha. He is really a chill kid. He has 7 months in the mish so he has a good idea how everything works now and that’s good. But ya it should be a good last change.

Let’s see in the aspect of work it’s been a little hard. It seems like everything we had or have is all falling. The familia Mejia is having some issues with Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It’s been a rough ride with them. They always ask the same question over and over again. But we are still going with them. We are going to watch the restoration video with them so that they can understand a little bit more about Joseph Smith.

So yesterday we didn’t have anyone in church, not even recent converts that go to our class were there. So Elder Boe and I started to try to get references and that worked out ok. We got like 5 to go and contact. It’s been a very baggie week. I have tried to stay motivated but its just so hard at times, but me and Elder Boe have made up a deal for how we are going to do things so we can both stay animated in all we do hahaha.

Man it’s getting down to the wire I take my ACT in 2 weeks. I’m studying. I think I should do fine. Just pray for me. Well I love you guys and can]t wait to get home and get on with everything. I’m sooooo excited.

Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

Elder Olsen's Last District.  Elder Boe is on the Left

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