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Sept 30, 2013 Tegucigalpa 2 Missionaries Good, 4 Missionaries Not So Much

Dear mom dad and everyone,

Well let’s see this week has been a little crazy.

So we had interview with Pres. Hernandez in his house on Wednesday. We were there I kid you not all day. We got there at like 9am and they gave us breakfast (coco crispìes hahaha) then when the Zl’s got out of their interviews Hna Hernandez talked with us about how we can get more investigators and how to recognize the spirit when we go out and find these people. It was good. Then we got the interviews started. It kind of sucked. We were put last and we were there all day and we had to wait for the entire zone which is 19 people. So luckily Pres. has a few games in his house. We got playing Janga. We did tournaments with it. It got really intense between me and Elder Oveson. And he won by pure luck. So then we got bored of that and pulled out Monopoly. And when we got going on that the APs got there and asked Pres. if they could do their interviews as well, so we got even more people put in front of us. So when it was all said and done we didn’t even get to have our interviews.

So we had to go on divisions to have a baptismal interview done. So we had a little bit of problems that night. I went to the Zl’s house with Elder Oveson and we worked for a little bit and then I realized... I know I have the keys to the house. And my comp Elder Boe and Elder Martinez couldn’t get into our house so they showed back up to the ZL house and we all stayed there. So Pres. has always said when you have 2 missionaries together you can still have rational thought but once there is more then 2 that is when rational thought is thrown out and stupidity happens. And ever since I was in Monjaras living with 4 missionaries I have shared this theory... So Elder Boe is a man large in stature and so is Elder Oveson. Elder Oveson is an all American wrestler in the USA. So I’m not real sure what exactly happened but Elder Boe and Oveson started to wrestling in the tiny 15x15 room where the Zl’s sleep. We are looking at 2 beds 2 fans and 2 wardrobes for them to hang their cloths. So that makes the room with the open space of about 5x5 with 2 men of over 6 foot each wrestling in this room. It got pretty intense but Elder Oveson being the wrestler he ended up throwing Boe through the air on to the bed, luckily Boe didn’t hit his head. So it all ended with a broken fan and a broken window where Oveson happened to run through hahaha. Nothing happened to him. Sleep overs in the mish are so much fun.

Thursday I got great news that tomorrow we are going to the temple the last time with all the missionaries that are going home with us so it’s going to be pretty awesome to see everyone. I have a few comps and a lot of really good friends in the group so it is going to be a great time. I’m really excited to go. And then the next time I go to the temple it will be with you guys in Mesa, ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!

Then on Friday we had another baptism. His name is Elvin Estifen Martinez Espinal. He is a solid kid of 12 years old. He has a lot of family that are really good members in one of the stakes from the other mish right across Tegus so I’m not too worried about him and his sister was the last baptism we had so it should be really good. Nothing too exciting other then that we baptized. 

Saturday we had to help the Zl’s with some stuff so nothing too big that happened. And than on Sunday we had another baptism to top off the month with 3 baptisms. We had the most baptisms in the zone this month so we are doing pretty solid.

Well just 2 more letter that you have to right. Its coming down to the end it’s hard to stay focused sometimes but we are still working. I can’t wait to see you all. Well that’s what I got for you today have a great week. Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen

 Krystals Baptism

 Elder Boe Hanging out
 Elvin Estifen Martinez Espinal

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