Thursday, July 19, 2012

9 Months - July 16, 2012

 Spencer didn't get changed, but he did move houses.  Poor guy!  You'll understand when you read his stories.  We are so blessed to live where we do and have all of the comforts and luxuries of life.  We take so many things for granted!

Hey mom and everyone,

So this week was change week. So these weeks aren’t really that exciting when you get changes but I didn’t have changes. I’m still in Bella Vista. But what we did do is that we changed house. So about 2 weeks ago we had a ward FHE and they chose a member’s house to do it in every week. So we went and they had it in a nice big house that no one was living in. So we asked the lady who was in charge of the FHE about it and she said she would ask her brother about it. The reason we were looking for a new house was because the apartments we were living in before there was 3 ladies who 1st off were really rude.  Like one time I went back to the house to pick up a soccer ball to play and they had a trash bag next to the pila which is where people wash their cloths and dishes.  It’s like a tank of water with a concrete wash board, and the bag had a bunch of maggots on it and I asked to throw it out very nicely and calmly and she flipped out on me. And the other issue was their shower was outside of their apartment and they would have to leave their part of the house in just their towels and sometimes with nothing on at all. So we changed houses. It’s a little farther away from everything but it’s a really nice house.  The only thing I miss of the old house is that the old house had a hot water shower but we have talked to the land lord and she said she would look into getting us a better shower head. Ya buddy.

So about your guys little cough... that’s nothing.  You want to know what happened to me this week. So on Tuesday I was saying goodbye to everyone and one lady invited us to baleadas.  I don’t think she cook the beans very well cuz my comp got really sick that we had to stay in the house for 2 days. And on Tuesday night going to Wednesday morning I woke up at 230 to go poo.  And all of a sudden it came out of no where and we didn’t have toilet paper and the other issue was that my comp had diarrhea too.
So I run downstairs and got some notebook paper and was waiting for my comp and was taking forever and I couldn’t hold it. I had to run outside to go do my business. And I get out there and it exploded in my shorts. It was horrible.  I had to take a shower with cold water at 3 am. So you guys can’t complain about a little cough to me! haha. And I still have 15 months left.

Yesterday we had to pick up a little bit on our lesson so we did division with the ym, and we had a sweet,. sweet lesson.  I really think that I’m really getting a hold of this whole Spanish thing haha. But I love you guys. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you get better.


Elder Spencer Olsen

S'mores on the 4th of July                                             Hanging with ZL's on 4th of July

Elder Caal - Companion                                                 Danli Dog

Hermana Torres - The Sister who washes his cloths

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