Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19, 2012 - The Divorce is Close!!

hey mom and everyone
So the 1st thing about the spell check is that it is for spanish here so almost all my words would come up as wrong.
it was kinda of a lazy week even though we have like 7 new investigators. its because we have to walk nearly 2 miles to get to most of our investigators. 6 of my 1st 7 live out there because no one has tracked out their in like a year. but our next 2 also live out there too. so we always ended up at the house a little early haha. but we are still doing our work. and no i didnt take the BOMB thats for only missionaries that are leaving. im totally fine my stonach is getting used to the food and the water. but i have stopped accepting water from cups from people that just give them to me.
but seriously not a whole lot happened this week. we taught some lesson. we should baptize atleaste one little girl this week. the grandadaughter of hna maria.
with danny and lanny... so her kid we found out doesnt carry the last name of the guy so he is not an issue for a leagal battle. so what the lawyer told us that it should be just about 30 days untill everything is done. so since its not going to be done till after cater leaves looks like i might have to pay for the rest of the lawyer hehe... 1500 limps. but i finally got the 100 dollars from the office the other day and it came out to be like 1880 limps to change it. and i talked with the APs the other day and they said with the new fondo and how faithful the are in going to church every week that they are going to reemborse everything. i told them its going to cost about 7000 limps for everything transport, divorce, papers, and the wedding and they said the could do it. so all that starving myself for a week was worth it hahah.
but ya other than waling like 4 miles back and forth from our area nothing has really been going on. but im having a great time right now. just hope they dont white wash the area and i dont get danny and lanny baptized. i will probably cry.
but i love you guys hope everthing turns around on connor´s luck with my things.
con amor
Elder Spencer Olsen

this is a honduran shower

boa and gyrobo skin

honduran mud house

beans beans the musical fruit

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