Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, Week 22 Questions and Answers

dear mom and everyone,

so it was was change week this last week. Im still in monjaras im going to kill carter. meaning this is his last change in his mission. it was a short week cuz we did have a whole lot of time to do what we were supposed to. we did baptize. his name is christian. he was a reference from his uncle who has a calling in the distric. we are walking to dinner one night and he stops us tells us he has a reference for us. the kid is 10 years old his mom and most of his family are members so he taught him for like 2 weeks where his mentality is he wanted to be baptized the day we came over he is a really funn kid.

we had that other beach party and i didnt get in the water. the 1st time was just guys getting their feet in but the zls cracked down on that this time no one got in this time. i read the letters that alma don sent. and our finacial elder is a little lazy. i have been waiting on a reembursle for like 2 or 3 weeks for 885 limps which is almost half of what we recieve every 2 weeks and on top of that we have been pay the lawyer and for all the papers that they need to get divorced. and i have heard of the pill called the BOMB i heard the next 3 days after are just like drinking the pila water.

repuestas (answers)
no i havent gotten the package yet it normally takes like a month or so to get them.
no i havent gotten my ipod back i dont see that kid anymore. its gone
the shine the shoes question is a good one, but there is only 1 payved road in all of monjaras and it makes no different if i do or not shine my shoes and they are doing fine i just wish i had a flat pair for when i went into the city
the food is good, but i found i really hate the soup down here. we had this one where it was rice pepers uca and torta pescado (fish cake). it is their left over bread and sun dried fish backed together it is aweful.
right now with the wheather it is just getting hotter. there is a week coming up the same week as conference call la semana santa (holy week). it is easter jsut a week long. but after that everyone says its going to start the rainy season. but it is still really hot hot here, better than being freezing cold is russia.
i drank the pila water because i didnt know it was pila water untill after i had dranken it.
ya paracites can stay with you cater can eat so much more because of the paracites that he has haha.
and no i didnt tell them they dont care about us in the south not a joke lol.

so the divorce... kinda hit a huge snag with that one. so the lawyer got all the paper work. all she had to do was go tell him about it and sign a paper that was it. but... come to find out he isnt going to sign the paper till he get s the kid they have together. which we didnt know about. this little kid is like 2 and a half and lives with the girls mom. so idk if this makes a difference i dont know the law down here with kids. so that where we are at with that right now. we still havent actually talked with the girl yet but hopefully we can figure this out.

so its been kind of a stressful week. i have been without money for what feels like 2 weeks. but im survivng. we get enough food from members to survive. i have 100 dollars cash in the office in tegus but no one seems nice enough to get it for me. im so fruterated with the office. but anyway i just keep going along with what i have i know the lord will provide away.

les amo
Elder Spencer Olsen

Welcome to Monjaras

This is where he goes every week for Pday

christian and his cousins. we are working with 2 more of them too

honduran filtrarition i dont trust that either

christian and his mom i got to baptise him. numer 7

-bday party of a member

-more of the bday party

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