Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 26, 2012 The Package Arrives

dear mom and everyone,

YES! i got my package today and i am so excited. i hope you activated my card already or that does me no good yet haha. and i hope the pens work of marking scrits and dont bleed not sure yet. and i am currently wearing my new tie.
the divorce is going good. we are in a waiting process right now but in about 3 weeks we should be able to pull out all the paper work to start the wedding. we talked with the branch presidency yesterday. and they said the should be able to pay for the wedding all the paper work, transport and the reception for after the baptism. which is about 1500 limps so that helps alot. and the mission is going to pay for about eeverything else which has been the laywer and the transport up to now. so that is about 4500 limps. so im going to get back just about all the money i have spent on this so far about 15oo limps so if you see 75 dollars go away in like a month just relize that its for all of that stuff. but what im hearing right now that the 1st presidency says that all missionaries have to be in thier areas for 4 changes (NOT transefers learn the lingo haha) or 6 months. which is alot of freaking time.
we had another 2 baptisms. that puts my number now at 9. that were 2 little granddaughters of the old hma maria. almost her whole family are members were are just trying to bring everyone back together. theirs names are carmen she is the older one and francy. carman was initaitally really scared of us and very shy. up untill yesterday i dont think she really liked us. francy told us she didnt like us because the 1st time we came over aparrently we told her we were going to teach her the word of god and we didnt. but now here and i are really good friends. i taught her the word of god i guess haha. francy is very shy too but a little more open then her sister. they are just 2 little girls that live in the middle of no where with no lights of working plumming. but they are a very nice family. rioght now we are trying to get their brother baptized. he got his interview. but back out the day of. so i think we are going to baptize him the week after conference.
like i said the weeks are really getting short. it only feels like 2 or 3 days ago thatr i wrote you guys last. but thats whats going on out here in monjaras. we just baptize. elder carter says we can only do 2 things in the mission planch (be disobedient) or baptize but he does it in a funny accent.
misson terms...
changes or cambio(spanish)- transfers
flech- super obeient to where its annoying
flechone- the missionary who is flech
planch- to be very disobedient
planchereo- the missionary who is planch
bagi- truncky
gip (geep)- to flirt
girper- a flirt
chupar la piña- to make out
these are the terms i and the mission use and so if i uses these you will know what i am talking about. esspecially bagi and changes. not truncky or transfers.
anyways happy birthday to all. so i have collected a few things for everyone or in the process of finding it. so what i will probably do is send it with one of the missionaries that goes home in three weeks and have him send it from his house so its cheaper and less likely to get lost.

les amo mucho, les extraño mucho
Elder Spencer Olsen

we had an fhe and honduran fathers day and the lady on the ends birthday last monday. thats hma marisela she mean but very nice too its really funny
this picture does her justice i think haha

these are my crocodile scripture covers they are so sick and im getting a wallet just like them.

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