Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 5, 2012 4 am Inspiration

Dear mom and everyone

thank you for sending the package. there about a week ago me and cater couldnt eat for like 3 or 4 days. wedidnt have any money or dinner appointments. i didnt have any money beacause cizmas´s old comp refused to pay the power bill when i had paid it the month before and cater hadnt been there and cizmas paid for it the month before i did. he is a selfish proud, and immaturelittle kid from mexico. he is the reason they have to move out.he did somethings he shouldn have done and tried to take care of it in the wrong way. but the still havent moved out though.

so there has been alot of contention in the house lately with cizmas´s old comp. and so last week when i was sick i got up to go to the bathroom at 4 in the morning. i tried going back to bed but it was really hard. they i heard a voice like someone had said something in my ear .it was the loudest thing i had heard like that. ande it said alma 2:5. so i got up and read it. and at 4 am it made no sence to when we got back from fhe with soem members i wanted to look into it alittle more. so i read it again and noticed that next to the words wonderful contention was a foot note that said 3 nephi 11:29. that is thwe scritpture that says that contention is of thew devil. so i think basically God is mad at us and wants us to stop fighting. it was the weirdest thing ever so im working on it haha.

this last week wasnt such a good week. for the 1st half of the week i was stomach hust like there was apinball game going on insideme.and i was pooing my brains out. so we really didnt leave the house untill like 5 on tuesday but after we ran into one of the hnos from the branch and said he had a reference for us. he has a 10 year old nefew who wants to get baptized. and when we got there like 4or 5 of his cousins wanted to be baptized too. niño baptisms. thatswhy people used to baptize here somush hahaha.but thesekids are legit and have support.

othere that that it has been a pretty boring wee. alot of this week was trying to reactivate a few peopleso you nownta wholelotis going on for us. there was another baptism atthe beach yesterday. it was that elders last chance to baptize as a missionary. it was really cool. it was someone who jsut started asking him questions. it was a way coolexperience.

oh also we are trying to take on this this ladys ´´husband´´ isnt a member and they arent married. about 5 months ago the sisters tried working with this family to get everything straight. because she cant be apart of the branch because she is living in sin. but the sisters got moved to a different areain the zon. so they asked theeldersto keep going with all the stuff and they didnt. and the 1st elder that didnt go is stillhere. and she hates him because he didnt help her family. so we tried to go help the other night... nothing. i couldnt feel anything because they were from the other area in monjaras. it wsa the weirdest thisng. whenever my compwould ask me to say something i had nothing to say say to them. man this churchis true haha.

we also had to dedicate a grave yesterday. that was really interesting. most of the family arent members.but the guyswife is. she has been through the temple and everything it wasaway cool experience.i gave a little 5 minute message about what we where doing and the reserection and elder carter did the ordinance. all ways soemthing different in this country.

well thats it for this week. i love you guys.only 2 and sa half months till i get to call again

les amo
Elder Spencer Olsen

this is my zone. smallest in the mission

this ismy district

this was the baptismal font before they had a chapel

this are some of the people from the monjaras branch

us at the beach yesterday behind me is elder wilkison and to my left is carter

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