Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2011 Danli Happy Father's Day

Hey mom and everyone,
No getting a little sick here everr other week or so is really really really common. Its just sometime people do keep their food well or the dont cook the food right or they give us pork. that really destroys me down here. jsut cuz they dont clean meat that well.
Ok elder caal he has the same amount of time as me. he got here a change earlier but we went into the mtc at the same time but him in guatamala. he is really short. im actually concidered tall here. that makes me kinda happy ha. he only has one other area called la esparanza (the hope). he is a really good missionary. we dont have any problems. we are doing great. Him and i are very similar when it comes to being obiedient. so we are doing just fine.
So this week was a really kinda of weird week. On monday night last week the zls called us and told me i needed to go to the city the next morniong  to take out my residency. the told uas to be there at 11 oclock in the morning. so we showed up at like 1030 when the office is supposed to open. and no one was there. so we went up stairs to check out what the distribution center had. then at 11 we went back down stairs to see if anyone had shown up yet. and on one had. so we waited there for an hour and told the guys we were with that if no one showed up by 1215 i was going back to my area. so the other elders we were with went to the other missions office to call the guy incharge of residency for the mission and when they called him he said he wouldnt be in  the office untill 2pm. so it being 8 months for my comp my and one of the other missionaries we were with we went to mcdonalds to celebrate. man in limps that place is so expencive. that was the 1st time i had been to mcds is over a year and a half. so after that we went back to the office and the missionary that was going to take us to immagrations was finally there. so we went there took care of all the paper work and now i am offically leagal to be in this country hahaha.
so after that we found out there  was a training meeting so we ended up just staying and working in tegus for the night. holy carp that is so scary to be out there in the night. but we did ok. we challenged a fami9ly to be baptized and they accepted it was pretty cool. then after that and workng and what not we went to the mission hotel that is where all the office elders live its a huge really nice house. those guys are crazy haha. but alot of fun. so the next day we had the training meeting. it was really good. so we left our area at 8 am on tuesday and didnt get back to work untill 6 pm on wednesday. so we last like a third of our week in tegus.
but the good thing we got done this week is that we are going to be baptizing a family. like i told you at the beging if my mission how i thought it was funny that you guys thought it was weird to marry someone and then baptize them the sameday well we have to do that with this family too. people are just so poor and never have the time they cant get married. so the story on these guys is that the husband is already a member his dad was the 1 councelor in the branch before it turned into a ward. adn they all went off the deepend the dad is crazy. and the mom i have never met but she apparently never like the church but was a member. so now she is super everngelical. and the wife is a great lady she is going to get baptized this next saturday. she says she has always liked the church. th ehusband say the his wifes family is more catholic than the pope hahaha. i think its really funny. because i have met people like that. and they are nuts. but its goiong to be awesome for them. the ward has been trying to get them to get married for like 2 years or something like that. and we are finally getting it done.
im doing great. i have been getting a little more baggy and what not but im just trying to power through it. oh hey i have an idea for you guys to get me money. my tax return shoud be right around 800 dolloars. atleaste thats what i say maybe less. but it would be atleaste 500 bucks. and it only takes like 10 mintues to do on turbo tax. but im talking about mm 2011 taxes. or you can just tell connor ill get him back in 16 months hahaha. well thats jsut an idea. i wish i could do it. but i dont have time. love love you guys. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Elder SPencer Olsen
ps and ya i can get spreakers here really cheap.

 we helped some members move and their new toilet is really small

these are the kids of the family that i helped move their names a jorge and susan they are freaking crazy wild

 there are a bunch of american thrift stores here and i have seen a few things from arizona and it makes me really happy

 a member made us bbq chiken with new rice haha. that really made me bagy haha jsut like a normaly sunday dinner back home

elder caal dropped his soapbox thing in the toilet haha that thing is so dirty

  i found dads hearts water jsug but in blue in one of the american stores

 i did not know there were opossoms here freak me out

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