Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 Danli A New Companion

Dear mom dad connor mitchell garrett and everyone,
well, this week was really good. I got changes. in still in danli i just got a new comp. his name is elder caal he is from guatamala. he is negrito checito y pelo parado. that is the descrition in spanish of how jsut about all guatamalans look. dark short with spicky hair. if you remember my 1st comp elder giutz that is almost how all guatamalan look hahahaha. he is from a city called coban in the norht part of the country. he is way cool. him and i are working really hard. we had 5 investigators in church, 4 with a baptisimal date, and a super posotive family.
Elder Sotelo he went to an area called mira flores (look flowers). Cizmas was there just before he was with me in monjaras. the mission office is like 10 minutes walking distance from his new area hahaha. president has a tight leash on him now. but it should be good for him.
but i got my new comp on wednesday so ever since then we have been working really hard and now im able to leave with the members now. because that is the way misswionary work is done. i actually read the learders manuel the other day the red one. man that stuff can shave the crap out of the learders in their reponsiblity in missionary work. but what i really want to get a hold of is the blue leaders manual. that one only bishoprics and stake precidencies get those. the stuff that you could learn about how the church works would be super interesting.
Connor mitchell garrett,
man i really cant beleive that you already freaking graduated. thats wild man. that means you should be filling out your call right now. like my advise on mothers day and this goes for everyone. just get your repentece done before its too late and you get in too deep . dont be afraid of sending in the letter. when you leave the mtc (fanatsy land) thats when things get normal i promise missions atleaste mine isnt what i expected at all. all of your prioriteis change and nothing matter. thing of the church start to make sence. Like seminary and institue those things mean so much more now that ever. mithchell your abou t to start seminary. as weird  as people think it is to be really interested in gospel topics and the scripts man i wish i would have focused more on those things. the 2 books of scriptue that are most important and the new testement and the bom. study those because you will have people that will tell you that you have top teach them only through the bible because they dont understand how the book of mormon is true. garrett i thought your talk was great thank you for metioning me in it i just didnt have time to read it las week but it was awesome. i dont know if mom told you but i had to talk last week too it was all about missionary work and how the members could leave to cantact thier friends. i forgot all of my books i was going to use in the hows so all i used was the bom and d&c it was freaking awesome it was longer and easier than my farwell haha. but seriously. after the mission that is going top be your lives is the church and i have seen here that the more knowledge someone has the easier they get baptisms and fast they move through the ranks. so just be someone who is known for knowing alot about the scriptures.
sounds like you guys had a fun time on the trek if i was on the trak thats what i would want to do too because it sounded really easy hahaha. but i bet spending time with people in the church is aslot better for you knowledge than a nonmember. elder carter my gringo comp always told me that you are ready for the celestial kingdom when you think you are ready to sit at the dinner table with a person like abraham and talk just about how things of the gosple can help you and the deep doctire with in them. im still not quite ready hahaha. i think i have a little bit mopre to learn haha. but i really would love to pick the brain of people like president bluth and peterson and brimhall i think that would be some interesting doctrine that those guys know.
well i love you guys im doing great speak almost no english but on monday and thursday. almost everything i do has to do with spanishg or how i can translate something into spanish so its a noce break on mondays. well ill talk to ya next week.
Elder Spencer Olsen

 fhe and the lights went out right when we started haha

 this is elder mckeen he was in my zone fore 3 weeeks  he came in at mini changes and then closed his area hahahbut he is a way great kid

 the only pic of me and sotelo together the day he left haha

 this is natalie she put an entire tube of destine on her body the same day her dad boughit its like and 8 dollar tube really expencive here

these girls are like my nieces these are jorge's girls haha

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