Monday, June 4, 2012

May 13, 2012 Mother's Day Danli

Mother’s Day was the best this year.  We got a call from Spencer on Thursday, May 10th because that was Latino Mother’s day.  His companion called his family, so Spencer borrowed the phone to call home to make sure it worked.  Allan answered the phone and didn’t know who it was at first.  They talked for a few minutes.  I was on my way home from work and Allan called and told me Spencer had called.  Let’s just say I was a little jealous.  He called us on Saturday night for a few minutes.  He couldn’t stand having a phone and not call us.  I guess if that’s the worst thing he does on his mission then so be it.

Spencer called us while we were still at church on Sunday because he had to change phones.  No one answered because we were at church!!!  Silly boy.  He called when we got home and said he had to call again later so we said hello and good by.  It was kinda good though because we were all starving and that gave us a chance to eat lunch.

We finally got to talk to him around 1:30.  It was so good to hear his voice.  He was happy and excited to talk to us.  I took notes, so these are the things we talked about:

He is co-companion with his companion now.  We thought he was senior companion, but they both got into the field the same day so that makes them co-companions.  They had had a baptism the day before so they had a Confirmation that day at church and he got to do it.  A Confirmation is when you receive the Holy Ghost.  He was pretty proud of himself because he had to do it in Spanish.

He lives in a very small apartment.  It’s much small than his house in Monjaras.  The stairs in the picture he sent last week are about a block away.

For food he eats sandwiches a lot.  He buys food from the grocery store and they eat lunch at home.  They got kicked out of eating lunch with his favorite lady and he was really sad about it.  (Hopefully they will be welcomed back soon).  Everyone has a large phone in their houses like a giant cell phone, but it is a landline.
Dinners – Monday they have Family Home Evening so they eat there, Tuesday they hope for appointments, Wednesday they eat with the Bishop, Thursday they eat with the Patriarch, Friday they hope for appointments, Saturday they eat with the Ward Missionary and Sunday they eat I think with a bishopric member.  Everyone says he has a Gringo Accent and they all laugh at him.  They also call him Gordito which means “Little Fatty.”  If he gets mad at someone he just starts talking to them really fast in English.
It’s really humid and it’s the start of the Rainy Season. It’s chilly at night so he bought a blanket.
He really likes his Bishop and they work well together.  His kids drive him crazy though. (they are really cute in the picture).

We asked him about the price of gas and it’s 95 limps which is about $3.40-$3.50 a gallon.  No one has cars though.  He hates the Buses and they don’t have bikes because they would just get stolen. 

They call Transfers – Changes and his next one is on May 30th.  He said that if his companion doesn’t get changed he’ll kill him.  Haha.  No one really likes him.  He has been there since December 13.  That’s when Spencer got to Honduras.  So it’s time for him to be changed.  He loves him, but he drives him crazy.  It’s a love hate relationship.

I asked him if he wanted a package?  What would he want?  He wants an Ipod since it got stolen with no Primary Children’s music.  That music drove him crazy!  He wants speakers, too.  He wants Disney music, Inside Out, EFY.  He wants TIES!!!  The pen’s I sent him didn’t work and he found the same ones at the Office Max across the street from the Mission Home.  He wants Doctrines of Salvation and the Ensign.  He can get peanut butter but it’s expensive.  It’s like $5-6 a small jar. 

He’s only been to the Mission Home once.  The Zone Leaders and District Leaders go to the Mission Home.  He has District Meetings at the Stake Center.  This last week they had Stake Conference and Elder Felabella (spelling?) Area Leader came and spoke to them.  He had 6 investigators there.  He was really proud of himself.

The Church is about 3-4 blocks away.  We asked about the branch.  No one wants to help start it so it hasn’t happened.  He is really frustrated about it.

Sis. Torres does his laundry.  He needed to go pick it up, but his companion won’t go with him.  He had to run over and pick it up by himself because he wouldn’t go.  He had worn the same undies for a couple of days because his companion wouldn’t go with him to pick it up.  He was really frustrated with him. 

He has learned how to shine his shoes.  They always look really nice for Sunday.  He bought polish, a brush, and a bandana. 

Spencer was changed during Mini-Changes so he didn’t get to stay for Dani and Lanni’s baptism.  He is going to ask Pres. Hernandez if he can go to the baptism.  It will take him all day to get there and he will have to spend the night and travel back.  He hopes he gets to go.  He has access to a phone so he calls his members in Monjaras every once in a while just to say hi.  He really loved Monjaras and wants to go back.  The members loved him, too.

We talked a lot about how to share the gospel and gave us some scriptures to look up.  He told us to look up 3 Ne 18:18-21.  It talks about praying.  He asked us to pray to find those to share the gospel with.  It was so awesome for him to share that experience with us.

Allan talked to him for a while and then we had to say good bye.  He didn’t want to.  He kept saying are you sure you want to say good by Mom.  It was really hard to hang up with him.  We love him so much and we are so proud of him.  He is an awesome missionary, and we knew he would be.  We are so blessed to have a son like him!  He is a great example to his brothers.  It will be so great to hear from him on Christmas Day!!

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