Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7, 2012 Danli - Spencer Still Loves Food

Dear mom and everyone,
so i complete 7 months on the 12 and its mothers day on the 13 so it is going to be a pretty awesome. so about the phone situation. i bought a sim card and a member is going tp lend me their phone ans ill probably buy like 200 limps in saldo half of what i used on christmas haha. so i should be able to call EVERYBODY!!!
Ya so about my comp he ugh... just got alot more mad about everythoing we dont talk much let alone really do
anything. im trying my bestanything. im trying my best.lets see on the up´side we help a lady get over her coffee addiction and she is getting baptized this saturday along with another girl who we found last tuesday. the girl we found on tuesday she basaccly asked us to get baptized and asked if it was an issue that she was baptized in the catholic church... i almost laughed at her. but they are way great people so this week should be pretty good.
on tuesday we had ward council and after they invited us to pizza hut it was alot of fun because they all really like me out here so they all want to help me and dont know what my comps deal is.
oh hey so i got my divorce refund back. it was 2800 limps almost 150 bucks but for right now im saving it untill their is an emergency or something really cool that i want haha. not much up here in danli everything that is cool that i want is in the south so i really want to go back there.
well hopefully this week goes a little bit better, im really trying to do my best in staying obedient and helping my comp also to be. i hope everything is going good for everyone.
love you guys
Elder Spencer Olsen
ps next time we talk will be on the phone hahahahahah.

this is all the leaders and there councilers at pizza hut on tuesday

-this is the bella vista bisho and his family. his kids are... loud

 this is our mission learder. he has a wood workshop i think im probably going to get something from him to bring home
 these steps are really steep and lead to a cross right above my house
 -this is the cross
 this is my area
 more of my area
 this is call a baleada they are delicious
 -this is hna torrez. she takes  care of all the missionaries in danli but my area is the only one that doesnt have to plach to go to her house because she lives in my area hahah winning
this is a honduran hot dog they are sooo goooood.

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  1. Those really are the greatest hot dogs ever!!! Gosh... I just found this blog and I have been reading it for about 2 hours... I love Elder Olsen so much! We had such a great time together! He is an awesome elder who knows how to work hard and enjoy every second while doing so. I'm so glad that I was able to be with him for such a long time.