Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 30, 2012 Danli

hey mom and everyone

this week was pretty good. we started talking to the stake president out here in danli and president hernandez about opening the branch out here. we have about 7 investigators out there and already have like 7 investigators out there and reactivated like 5 people so the work is going really well out there. im here with elder cizmas again and at changes the zls reorginized the districs. I wasn't put in cizmas area.  My comp is interesting. I didnt think that some one could be more proud than i was but wow did he prove me wrong. i do love the kid though.
we are going to have another baptism this week with an women named paula. she is about 49 or so she has a guy that is her husband that he doenst even live there he jsut shows up to do somethings and leaves but we convinced her to kinda drop his so she did and she is getting baptized this saturday and she wants me to comfirm her. so it should be a pretty good week.
i have no idea what you want to know about my area. i will let you know this i want to go back to monjaras!!! its not as fun here as it is out there. my area like i said looks like nothern arizona a little cool in the morning warms up in the afternoon and gets cold at night. its starting to get into the rainy season. it hasnt hit bad yet but its really threataning to come down hard.
so for mothers day ya it should work the same way i already have the pgone number im using and im going to use a members phone again. they what minutes work here are like pay as you go and i already have a ton of minutes and going to buy more haha. i should only spend like 10 bucks on calling you guys. i have a count down in my agenda. currently it is 6 oclock so i dont know what that means for you guys i think im 2 hours ahead of you guys im not sure
things are getting better out here. but i still wish i was in the south im going to ask presisdent for my next change to be back to the south. i love you guys stay strong tell everyone that im doing great. and tell sister lyons thak you for the monthly letter and the activity days girls too they are awesome haha.
love you guys
Elder Spencer Olsen
potos: i have none it was a boroing week   

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