Monday, June 4, 2012

May 21, 2012 Danli

Dear mom and everyone.
This week was a really awesome week. It was really rain all week yesterday we really couldnt leave last yesterday. On tuesday we had a a zone confernce with the area president neamed elder flabaela. Everyone said that he was a really strict guys that all he did was get made at the missionaries but i thought he was a really nice guy. he had some really great ideas and the crazy thing about it is that i didnt see him with the bible. He used straight bom and d&c he had an ipad so i asume that he just uses that for his bible.
Let see i know who elder moffett is he is an ok guy i left the south like right when i got there so i dont know him that well. Elder Comstock didnt take cizmas his train did. but i do know elder comstock he is an ok kid but i only knew him for like 3 weeks his spanish was really good when he got here and studies really hard. but i dont know who elder hall is.
Let see so this week after the conference this sis in my ward sheved my comp. said that he was too serious and needed to be more friendly. and after that he apologized to me and started to change so this wek went really well. i really think its finally getting to his that he need to be a better person so that he can be a better missionary. so this week was really good and we are really chill right now. but im pretty sure that he will have changes onb the 30th. 
i cant believe how fast this change has gone past. oh i did ask president if i could go back for the baptism in monjaras. but he said that because i live on the opposite side of the missions that he couldnt give me permission. but he did give me permision to call them when it happens. so that will be nice. and as soon as i get put back in the south i will go visit monjaras because i didnt get to say goodbye to like anyone so i really want to go visit some people down there. i already have plans with some people to eat with them and hang out so it will be really nice when that happens.
so on wednesday we did divisions with 2 members and i was really scared because i didnt think my knowelde was good enough or my spanish. but whne i got there i just started to go and talked with hna paula for like an hour and ansewered what ever question she had same with her daught it was so awesome. this week we are going to have another 2 baptisms so that should be really excitng. they are 2 old investigators from like 4 months ago so it should be a good time. i really cant believe how well my teaching abilities have gotten. i taught the whole plan of salvation by myself. i think im getting pretty good at asking the questions that the people  need to ansewer to get rid of there doubts so i feel that im doing really good with all those kind of things including my spainsh it just feels like i am getting better everyday.
a pues si,  it was really good week this last and it should get even better as i get better in my spanish. i love you guys i pray for everyone.
Elder Spencer Olsen

 this dog lives on our street he just chills there all day i named narizona because that means really big nose is spanish and he has a little bit of his nose ripped off
 this truck of watermelons almost rolled off a cliff so they just set up a stand in the middle of the road because i was also broken down hahawas also broken down haha

this is the trejo family they are way cool they always give us free food and this is how people get around town one bike and up to 5 people

this is my 1st councelers daughter she like 2 and is just sooooo funny her name is natali

-this is what the rain is like here

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