Monday, June 18, 2012

Danli June 11, 2012 8 Months Short Letter

Hey mom and everyone...

i cant believe that 8 months has already passed. the cool part about
it is elder caal enter the mtc in guatamala at the same time as i did
so we are going to celebrate tomorrow night in pizza hut because it is
the nice resturaunt in honduras so thats were we are going.

this week was pretty good. i didnt have too many investagators with
sotelo. so we have been doing a lot of contacting. we pick up a family
that just needs to get married. dont worry no one neededs to get
divorced this time. i probably will not try that again hahaha. but
they are way positive. and the stake is going to pay for everything so
we are solid.

so this we was just really kinda of boring. we just did alot of
contacting nothing too new. i only have like 4 pics this week. oh
thats crazy that they whitewashed the area we live in. thats generally
means that one of the missionaries   was flirting too much hahaha. or
something else. if they had good investagators then the shouldnt have
closed the area.

oh hey i have a quick question have you worked on my package at all.
it would be really cool to get it in the next month :D. but everything
is good i just feel kinda of sick right now so im going to end it
right there. love

ill send the pics next week.

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