Monday, June 4, 2012

May 28, 2012 Danli

Hey mom and everyone 

its been a really slow but fast week. like i wanted it to go faster so that we could just get to changes. its like you have something super exciting thats going to happen and it just takes forever to get to. 

i had to give a talk to on sunday. it was actually alot easier and longer than my farwell. and yes it was just in spanish. all i prepared was like a small page worth of stuff with like 4 or 5 scriptures. mainly talking about how the members can leave with and how amulek gave food to alma and a place to rest before they leave with us. haha but everyone said that it was powerful and the only reason that they wouldnt have understood me is that the would have just not wanted to understand me. so it was way  cool. 

but other than that the week was pretty boring my comp has no motivation to work in this area any more so we didnt to a whole lot. 
well thats all i really got i will probably will get a new comp on wednesday so things should change for the better around here. i love you guys talk to you later 

elder spencer olsen 

my new friend 

-we eat a a leather shop on fridays and these saddles are hand made

 i found grandpas garage if it was cleaned up a little

 this family started giving us food for sunday lunch and it is super good

honduran nachos 
-sunday morning braekfast

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