Monday, June 4, 2012

May 14, 2012 Danli Day after Mother's Day

The day after Mother's Day Spencer just sent a couple of Pictures.  It was so good hear from him.  We love him, miss him and are so proud of him.  Enjoy the pictures.

 -this is jorge and amparo (ampado pronunciation) the guy dad talked to yesterday 

 this is my baptism this last saturday the teenage girls name is lorely and the name of lady is paula. they were both great stories paula we found but just wanting to go up this really steep mountain and had a little bit of a hard time dropping coffee by we did it. and lorely we found 2 week ago at an activity that the stake had and got baptized a week and a half later.

-this little kid got baptized just cuz we were having the baptismal servise he was a ward baptism 

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