Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 23, 2012

Dear mom and everyone,

so ya i got a camera last week after i emailed you. its another cannon power shot nice little camera. the one that brett got for rebecca my zl has it and is a little heavy the one i got is a little bit lighter

but it was a little bit of a hard week this week. my comp is being an amazing idiot haha. since we live in a house 4 elders and 2 other really close we went on devisions allot this wek it was really dumb. i was with my comp for like 4 out of 7 days this last week. and on top of that he wont allow our family to be baptized untill the go to church a 2nd time. they just work evey single day. they want to be baptized and they know everything is true. things are alot different down here then in the states with baptisms. everyone in my zone says we need to baptize them its so annoying that we cant and that my comp wont let them.

Other thatn that we kind of have a giveme baptism this week too. the kid was baptized when he was 8 but the awesome filingh system that is the monjaras branch lost his records so it gets to count as a convert baptism. score one for us hahaha.

there are a few families we always have dinner with. they are so much fun cuz i can kinda of communicate with them so i have a lot of fun. Hermana Suyapas family is alot of fun. cizmas was telling me that there were a few elders that we in monjaras that would just stay ther all night playing games and would even spend the night over there. big time no no. hahah. but we normally just stay over there till lik 830 or 9pm.

On saturday i have to conduct a baptism and give a talk. these baptisms though are nothing like the¡y are in the states haha. they are lñike 45 min long with like only missionaries there. so my talk was only like a 3 minutes testimony but i still thought it was pretty good.

my spanish is improved alot. as long and people talk slowly and clrealy i can some what under stand. but talking is alot easir than it is to understand pepople the people down here dont really say ´s´ so it all sounds way weird. but its just like in america everyone has their own way to speak so so are easier than others.

Anyway sounds like the same old up in az. but mine is changing every second. i hope this was enough detail for you this week. everything is great and im doing fine nothig too terrble yet.

Les Amo

Elder Spencer olsen

Monjara's Branch Primary Children

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