Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012 - Happy Birthday Elder Olsen

Wendi Olsen

Jan 2 (5 days ago)

to solsen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Wish we could talk on your bday too but I guess this will have to do! Hope you have a fun day on Friday.

Hope you had a happy new year! What was it like? Was it crazy? Did you have to be in early? We went over to the Kerrs for ice cream social and then we went over to the mooneys for game night. We had a fun time. Garrett wanted to have a party and nobody could come so he was having a bad day so we took him with is to the Kerrs and all of his friends were there so he ended up at the morrisons. Mitchell went to the kerrs too and then he went to the stake dance. I think it was his first one. I think he had a good time. He asked a couple of girls from school to dance but he was too embarrassed to tell us about it. Connor worked until 745 and then ended up over at Spencer's with Jessica and then he and Jessica and Ryan and his girlfriend went and saw mission impossible with Tom cruse. He said it was ok. He has never seen the others so he said it was just an action packed spy movie with Tom cruse. We didn't get to sleep until 2 and we started church at 9 am this morning. Needless to say we all had a hard time staying awake.

Good news..... Cardinals won again today in overtime. They played Seattle. Another nail biter. But they are out of the playoff running. BYU won. They played Tulsa. They won in the last 11 seconds. New York giants beat Dallas cowboys and knocked them out of the playoffs. 49ers went 13-3 and packers went 15-1. Tevo took the broncos to the playoffs and they are playing Pittsburg on Sunday. That's when the playoffs begin. fiesta bowl is Stanford 4th in the nation and oklahoma state 5th. They play tomorrow

Monday was a fun day. Frys was doing a SUNS special. For every $50 spent you would get 2 free tickets to the opening game that night. So everyone went to Frys and bought $50 gift cards and then they had to drive to the arena to get the tickets. They were 4th in line. So we all took the light rail to the game that night. Gma, Connor, Jessica, Cami, Kyle, Shelly, mike, Chris, heather, Mitchell, Andrew, Garrett, me and dad. It was fun but the suns forgot to show up. They played terrible. They had no heart or energy. They played new Orleans. We lost by one but we should have won. It was very frustrating. They really haven't shown up yet. I hope it's not going to be a long short season.

The other fun thing we did this week was dads 20 year anniversary hike to squaw peak. It was a beautiful day! We had about 35 or 40 people come with us. Most of the Livingstones the neighbors across the street all of our family and even Susan mooney. We took a bunch of pictures. It was a tough hike for Garrett but he made it. It was also really tough for aunt Shelly but with grandma pushing her they both made it. I'll send a few pictures. Dennis and Mitchell ran up to the top and we had to call them to come back down to where dad had is stroke. It really was a great day. We are going to start making it a tradition.

Well it's time to put it all away and get back to reality. I caught a cold so I've been moving a little slow. We don't start back up to school until thurs.

Oh your bank statement came yesterday. You spent $6 just in ATM fees to check your balance and then another $5 to pull money out. We will make sure you have money in your account but don't waste it by checking your balance silly. $11 in bank fees in one day is too much money! There is $150 in there right now so go get yourself something fun for your birthday!

So now the questions??? How are things going? How's your comp and he other companions? How is the food? Are you teaching anyone. Tell us how things are going. Are you going to make the beach party? How's the laundry coming? Do you do your own? Does someone do it for you? Just give us some details. You know me.

Well enough for now. Sorry it's so long but a lot happened this week. Be good. Make right choices. Be obedient and study hard. We love you and pray for you always. Can't wait to get your email.

Love you MOM and dad

Spencer Olsen

Jan 2 (4 days ago)

to mom

Dear mom and everyone,

This week flew by i dont even know where to start. We have a few people we are teaching but not many we have 4 with dates set. its a mom and her 3 sons maria, jorge, luis and, emmerson. they are a way cool family with a way crazy story. she was telling us how her brother killed people and then he was killed and then he husband left her about 4 years ago. she broke down on us so bad.but i figure she will just slap them into to the font hahaha. but ya the other couple we are teaching live with a member family. The boyfriend is 20 his man is miguel and he wants to get baptized and get married but is girlfriend is 17 her name is roxanna but she doensnt want either its really frustrating.

My comp is ok. but like halfway during the week he started to acted really funn idk. he is really bugging me im trying to break his shell open a little more to figure out what is really wrong. he is done in may so i think he is getting really baggy so idk. i really like cizmas he is way cool guy. his comp is a little prettyboy from mexico he kinda bugs me haha but its whatever.

For the beach party we havent messed things up yet and i dont thing we will but the party isnt untill the end of the change so not for another 3 weeks or so.

HECK NO i dont do my own luandry that would take all day we pay a member 50limps a week so like 2.50 american so no big thing.

the area is really cool it is a small town but very spread out. cizmas was telling me yesterday we could take a bus for hlf an hour and still be in our area its crazy. but ya other that the cow stomach that i ate i havent eaten anything out of the too ordinary but who know i dont ask i jsut eat haha.

but i have lost quite a bit of weight so far. my siut fits fot the most part and my shirts are ok i can atleat wear them through the day hahaha.
well sounds like you are all having a whole alot of fun with out me but im having alot of fun too.

well ill tlak to you guys next week. oh and tell connor that chapter 3 does really make a difference haha


elder spencer olsen

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