Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monjaras January 16, 2012

Elder Cizmas
Happy Birthday Shrimp...the best shrimp he has ever had!
Honduras' version on Diet Coke

In Honduras, you come across some interesting animals....
His next dinner? I like his man purse!
a Snake
And a Bat.
I was reading another elder's blog yesterday and he always had bats in his apartment.
Christmas Eve with Cizmas in his house.
The 3 Companionships in Honduras.

George Bush?
Looks like grilled cheese sandwiches with his comp at his house. This was on Spencer's bday.
I think this was the day he hung out with his DL's comp when there was a district meeting.
Hanging out at the beach on Spencer's birthday.

January 16, 2012

Dear mom and everyone,

Well it was just another exciting week in honduras haha. these week go
by so fast its unreal. i dont even know what to say haha. me and
cizmas´comp went fishing the other day for turtles in my area the
other day and then we asked one of the ladies that feeds us if she
knew how to cook them and she told us that it was illeagle. but she
said she would any if and when we can catch one . we also the day we
did that we took 2 buses stood up in the front of them and invited
like 70 poeple to church it was way cool.

Lesson this week are getting easier to help with but i really wished
that i had read the lessons in ch 3 more its so hard to think about
what i have to talk about the translate it in my head to spanish so
that the people can under stand. but it is getting easier everyday to
comunicate with the people down here but some of the sisters speak so
fast that i cant understand them its unreal.

We have 7 dates sets. 4 next saturday but my comp says we cant do it
because they have only been to church once. but my zls say to baptize
them. my comp has been a major pain lately. like saturday night me and
cizmas were playing cards. it had been a long day all of our citas
fell through and it had just been along hard day so we were blowing
off steam. then my comps comes in at 930pm and tells me i have the
lesson in church tommorow with the investigators. it made me so mad
that he could have told me at like 7 when we got home but no he
decided to do it right before we were supposed to go to bed and then
today he left with some of the others elders in our distric and we met
back up with him at cyber abd told me we had citas at 6 and we needed
to go now. and i told him i still need to email you guys and he told
me that i had all of this morning but he was just being a punk.

anyway other than that it has been. oh we did have interviews with
president that we like 2 seconds because i really cant speak the
language it was way funny cuz president cant speak english. but
everything is great im having fun dont worry and im doing my best to
follow the rules
con amor
ELDER Spencer Olsen

Sunset in Honduras

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