Friday, January 6, 2012

Maps of Monjaras

As soon as we found out where Spencer's area was, we Googleearthed him and found his city and where he was in relation to Tegucigalpa. Googleearth says that Monjaras is 62 miles from Tegucigalpa but it takes almost 4 hours on the public bus to get there.

This is the town of Monjaras, Honduras
You can see where Monjaras is in relation to Tegucigalpa, the Pacific Ocean, and Choluteca. The are 4 miles from the coast and there is a really nice beach there due west. Choluteca is about an hour bus ride and that is where he goes on his P-day.
This is a close up of where he lives. The building that is horizontal with the vertical parking lot is the LDS building where Spencer goes to church. If you go north in the parking lot and walk north on the dirt road through the trees you come to an "L" shaped building. That is the Catholic Church. If you turn west and go in front of the Catholic Building he either lives in the house across the street or down the alley on the west side of the Catholic building. If you continue north towards the main road, that is where the store is that they get their water and the bus stop is right there. I love the internet!

If you google Monjaras, Honduras, there is a youtube of Driving the Streets of Monjaras. It's literally a family videotapping driving the main street of Monjaras. It's kind of fun to see. If you watch it, you will see a blue building that says "The Paint Store." I asked Spencer if he knew where that was and he did.

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