Monday, January 2, 2012

MTC Pitures

January 2, 2011

I finally have pictures from Spencer's experience in the MTC. Enjoy!

Spencer and Chris Jensen saying good by. He was Spencer's favorite YM's leader and he moved to Utah. We always get together when we go to Provo. They hung out the morning he entered the MTC. They went and got burritos. hahaha American Style.

Jan, our cousin (Aunt), took Spencer to the MTC. We so appreciated her for taking such good care of our missionary. She took him to Walmart for a few last things, then to lunch at the Italian Place and then dropped him off. Our last phone call was from her cell phone. She called us about 15 minutes after she left him and said how happy and excited he was to be leaving for 2 years!

Goofing off like all missionaries do in the MTC.

Getting his hair buzzed by Elder Ochoakie (sp?) from Tonga. He cut all the Elder's hair.
Spencer's favorite position. I don't think he will ever out grow it!
His Disctrict
4 left to Guatemala MTC after being in Provo for only 3 weeks.
All the Elders staying in Provo were jealous because they didn't want to stay for the freezing cold weather. It ended up not snowing very much this year but it sure was cold. Especially for an Arizonian who has never lived in the snow. Thank goodness he got sent to somewhere warm!

Elder Spencer. They became good friends. He was Kevin Morrison's Look-A-Like

Every P-day they went to the Temple at 10 am

During one of Spencer's workout session's, he was playing basketball and came down wrong and twisted his ankle. He had to go see the doctor there and had to wrap his ankle for a few days. He thought he was going to have to wear a brace for a while, but it healed up quite quickly.

His District

Grandma Linda had her Activity Day Girls write to her "Missionary." They went to the Gilbert Temple Visitor Center and then went to the park and wrote to Elder Olsen

Taking the tour of the progress of the Gilbert Temple

Hermana Celizar their Trainer

Elder Parker one of Spencer's roommates.

Elder Olsen and Elder Trouse

Elder Julander from Mesa (I think) and Elder Olsen

Elder Tucker Back scratching session

On Thanksgiving they did a service project and made First aide kits for Sudan

District trip to the Temple

Elder Harrington (Spencer's comp), Elder Frank -Zone Leader (he went to San Diego), and Elder Olsen

Elder Olsen and Elder Schultz (he went to New Mexico)

Elder Frank made this "Cabinet" and gave it to Spencer. He also gave him the book to read and to pass on to a new missionary. I don't know if it got passed on.

I hope I got the captions and names correct. I took notes from our phone call the morning he was in Atlanta. It was a little challenging keeping everything straight.

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