Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 9, 2012

Well we made it through another week! I sure do love Mondays! This is a fun letter. Enjoy!

Dear Elder Olsen,

Well, are you into a routine by now? How has your week been? Have you had many appointments? Is your one family close to being baptized? I hope so. We are praying for you and for them. Did you have a good birthday? Did you get my package? It wasn't much. So go get something today to celebrate! We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast on Saturday morning in your honor.

Mitchell went on another bike ride along the river on Saturday and when he got home he wanted something delicious. He had turned on man vs food and it was making us all hungry so that's when I decided to make b and g. We wished you happy birthday as we were eating them.

Mitchell has some great leaders. Br ellington loves to bike ride so they go a lot. They were suppose to go on a snow campout but there is no snow. Hey have postponed it until the 20/21. We'll see if we get any new snow. They are going to make Mitchell the teacher quorum pres with Andrew as 1st c and Brady as sec. That's all the boys his age. Haha

Connor has been working a lot especially until midnight. He dropped A hour so that will be helpful. We finally got his room painted. It ended up being the same tan as Mitchell's. So I continued and did the bathroom. I'm going to accent it wig read and black. No more purple. Connor also put up a shelf to put the projector on. We'll see how that goes. He's been hanging out a lot with Jessica. She was I've with her friend Rebecca to help paint. I'll send pictures when I get it all finished.

Garrett is good. He just hangs out with his friends and he loves his Itouch. At least he leaves my phone alone!

Dad is dad...... California st and workout. Te broncos played steelers in the wild card yesterday. Mike came and watched the game with us. It was pretty exciting. The game was tied at the end so play played overtime. There was a new rule that there would be no sudden death each team would get a chance to have he ball. But if the team with the first possession scores on the first play the game was over. Steelers won the toss but has Denver receive. They got the ball on the 20. Tebow went back for the pass and through it right up the middle. It was caught and he ran in for the touchdown. So Denver won because it was the first possession first play. We all went crazy! It was pretty exciting. Grandpa told me I shouldn't give you the scores. I should share missionary experiences. I could help this one though! It was pretty fun!

I am back to work. I worked on thurs for band for elem. I didn't work Friday but I'm doing math in mrs haase's at HJHS. We'll see how hat goes.

Well not much else is going on. I spent all day Friday getting caught up on your blog. Tell elder Cizmas thank you for the pictures. I borrowed them and posted them on your blog. Everyone for a kick out of the fact that I'm stalking your mission friend.

We are so proud of you. I tell all of my students about you and I can always tell who the LDS kids are. It's pretty fun! All is well. Hope all is well with you. Stay close to the Lord and he will guide you to those people who are searching for the gospel. We love you so much I know you are doing he right thing by doing the Lords work. Grandma is giving you $40 to go towards a new camera. She wrote you on dearelder. Let me know when you're going to be in tegus and I'll make sure there is money there for you.

Have a good week. Can't wait to hear from you. You are a great example to me and to your brothers. I have a lot of respect for you. The Lord loves you and will protect you!

Love you MOM!

Dear mom and everyone
Ya Cizmas told me you commented on his blog hahaand that i need to put more detail into my letters haha. So im going to try.
So for my birthday on friday i went to the beach! Our zl´s area is callde cedaño its a way cool little pueblito on th ebeach. we wen to their restarunt they always go to and had the biggest and best shrimp i hav eever had the were undescribable. then we walked along th ebeach where we could see el slavado, nicuragua and the honduran island called amapuala it was such an awesome day. then we went back home took a little nap and then went out to a few citas (appointments) we had. it was a great day.
this week was a weird week because i really wasnt in my area at all for like half of the week. the had a dl meeting in the city so i went with the other dl´s in our zones comp who is in the little city next to us. that city is even smaller than monjaras. its called buena vista. its not a very good view hahaha.
The family is doing good they have a little issue comking to church but they have been before so the zl´s said they are in the clear for baptism on the 21. the family is so nice.
most of our citas generally fall through but we try to make the most of our days. we do alot alot alot alot of contacting but no one ever comes to church and we always seem to run into them again and the always run away from us haha.
The language is coming slowly but surely. im starting to beable to have little conversations with people but i cant understand them for nothing it sucks. some nights i go home just so depressed because im trying to help in the lessons and i just cant but i know i will get the hang of it soon time i jsut wish it would some sooner rather thatn later. good old impatient me hahaha.
Now for the food stories hahaha. So we have a cosinera that makes us lunch everyday. So i already told you about the mundungo. So this other this we have had like 2 times in like the last week and a half. its called gyrobo. so she always serve it with rice and tortilla. So dad this is a possible pet in america. baiscally what it is... is a brown iguana. it really doesnt tast that bad though it just tastes like chicken its not to bad but i guess its makes some missionaries way sick but i have been ok. i have been dropping weight though its been way awesome. there is one lady in our branch that said when i got there that i was so fat that she knew i couldnt run. so basiacally all the branch calls me is gordito whatever...
any way
its been a pretty good week thought hope that was enough detail ill try to get better every week but that what i got this week...
oh and i also found a decent camera store here in choleteca a cannon cammera that alot of the missionaries have here its only 3500 limps which is about 175 for the camera or i you really want me to wiat (which i dont want to) ill be in the city at the beging of next month but not exactly sure what day that will be
well thats about all i got
les amo
Elder spencer olsen

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