Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Story - Elder Cizmas

About a month before Spencer left on his mission, I was searching the web and found an Elder Cizmas' blog. He had been in the Tegus mission for almost a year. So we read about his first week and what it was going to be like in his mission. I looked at pictures and got excited about where he would be going.

Then Spencer was placed in Monjaras and he told us that he was in a home with another set of missionaries and one was Elder Cizmas, the one we had been following the blog. I got all excited so I kept checking out his blog for new updates and see if he had mentioned anything about Spencer.

So the other night when I was updating the blog with Spencer's MTC pictures, I was up until 2:30 am. To unwind when I climbed into bed, I pulled up Elder Cizmas' blog and saw that it had been updated on January 2nd. So I opened it up and started reading it. Because he had just talked to his parents, he decided to just post a bunch of pictures. He then commented that he and Elder Olsen had decided that when they were done with their missions, they were going to go back to Monjaras to live for 6 months. They thought it would be way cool to do that. The both love it there and they are getting along so well. I wanted to wake up Allan, but I let him sleep.

Then the fun part came. I opened up his first picture and there were the 3 companionships that live in Monjaras including Spencer in the picture. It was all I could do not to wake up Allan, but I didn't and I kept looking at the other pictures. There were several pictures with Spencer in them. So here they are. I don't really know what is going on in the pictures, but it's better than nothing! Enjoy!

I think it is Elder Esparza, Elder Cizmas, Elder Olsen, Elder Guitz, and the other 2 in Monjaras
Elder Olsen and Elder Cizmas hanging out in their house. Spencer said that when he was talking to us on Christmas that he was hanging out in a hammock. So I think this is the one he was in.
Elder Cizmas and Elder Olsen-Meal time! Love the orange soda and look at the plateful of food!
What a scorpion!
The six Monjaras Missionaries
Dinner Time
It looks like they are getting a lesson on how to make tortillas.

These two Missionaries just left for home! Elder Olsen replaced them.

As you can see, I was very excited to see these pictures. I wrote on Elder Cizmas' message board and thanked him for posting these pictures. I also thanked him for taking good care of my son. I also asked him to teach Elder Olsen how to give more detailed emails when he wrote home. Elder Cizmas looks like a fun missionary to be with.

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