Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 7 - 1st Transfers

January 30, 2012

Hey mom and everyone,

so changes where last week. And my comp got changed out. i was having issues with him our zls were having issues with him so they talked to the aps and now he is in the city in one of the hardest areas in the mission oops. my new comp is a gringo. his name is elder cater. he is a little doofy but i like him he has a great plan for teaching and baptizing people.

so speaking of baptizing people i had my1st baptism on saturday. it was freaking awesome. he had me baptize him and he was confermed by his uncle yesterday it was awesome. there was like 3 people at the baptism. the bvaptimal services are alot different around here. like how you think its weird to have a family married one hour than baptized the next. that is the only way families cant get baptized untill they get married because they dont have the money to get married so they just say they are untill we asked them if they had been married thats just really funny to me that you think thats weird.

But now that elder guitz isntmy comp anymore we are going to baptize that little family but they have been to church once more but they are so ready im so excited for them. things work alot differently here than in the states. our goal for batisms every month from the president for our zone is 5 baptisms per companionship every month. its the highest in the mission so there is a little more pressure on us to get baptisms.

but other than that i reall like my new comp he is a little weird but nothing that wasnt like that i worked with back home haha.

so with the whole detail things in the photos im trying to get them we are literally in the middle of nowhere. like people live in mud huts. there is only one paved road in all of monjaras. no one has cars. some people have motorcycles but everyone either rides a bike or hitch hikes. we hitch hike haha. is spanish its called a jallon but the j makes the h sound. they are so much fun driving like 55mph in the back of some random persons car. as missionaries we are really not suppoed to take them but when you dont have money you kinda have to take them haha. there is a big factory outside monjaras called la gresia. its just about where everyine works in about a 30 mile radius. its where they take all the sugar cane and make it in to sugar. its like where everyone get dropped off or picked up for jollones its wild haha ill try to take some pics of it for you next week.

but ya just been a normal week out here in honduras haha. the language gets easier every day. its fun to communicate with people in a different language. tell everyone back home who has sent me stuff thank you so much especially sis lions she sent me 20 dollars right when everyone in th ehouse asked me to pay the light bill that was like 25 bucks 500 limps. but i love you guys. and mom in all honesty the only thing connor needes to do to get ready for his mission is read the 1st 3 lessons in preach my gosple and pick a few main sciptures that helps describe what those things are and to read the book of mormon. asked the elders in your ward for a book of mormon and have him read that and circle when every there is a reference to the lord or god, mission work and his favorite scriptures. it helps you fucos on what you are reading all he needs to do is read those 2 things the mission has changed alot since alot of those guys that teach that class. but nothing on them but the feild is so much different thten what anyone makes it out to be. but it does help alot to do those 2 things i promise.

but i love you guys hope everything is well even make that a family goal. to read the bom and circle all that stuff it helps alot

con amor
ELDER Spencer Olsen

District Beach Party
Beautiful sunset

Piggy Back Ride
So he does get to ride a bike once in a while
Monjaras Racoon?
Sad about something......
Hitching a ride
First Baptism with new companion Elder Carter
Gimmie Baptism
Having fun with mud. New companion Elder Carter
Poopy House

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