Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rico Chavez-February 27, 2012

Hey mom and everyone

the weeks keep going by fast i cant even remeber what happen haha. but on tuesday we had my 1st zone conference. so that was more money to come back into choluteca to be stuck in a building for almost 5 hours. but it was a lot of fun everyone is saying it was the best zone conference that they had had. there were like 12 missionaries that gave their final testimonies for the next 2 changes and thats just in the 4 zones in the south. but hna hernadez did a little something for everyone who completed years for jan and feb. so thats was a lot of fun cuz i got to go up. and they did all the traditional spanish bday songs.

so we have a lot of things that we can reemburse for the mission. so the last 2 weeks i have have to go to tegus pay the light bill and a whole bunch of othere stuff not including the divorce. so this last reembusle was for almost 900 limps. like 40 bucks. i was have been down to 40 limps for the last 4 days and i have been saving it to use the computer today. so i dont think i have had but like 3 good meals in the last 3 days. and on top of that one of our recent converts gave me pila water 2 days ago. so i have had the runs since 4 this morning. i almost pooed myself playing basketball today. it was aweful. i HATE pila water. you just can look into the cup and see all the little floaties in it. it was so bad. but im doing great because i found 11 dollars yesterday i forgot about that saved me so much today i was so hungery this morning.

so the same member that gave me the pila water they found a turtle and let me have it the other day. so while we were contacting we stoped at this new burger place in monjaras and the guy ended up knowing english so i got talking to him and he knows a guy that can turn th eturtle shell into a souviner for me so im probably going to talk with him tomorrow. we named him rico chavez he is way cool and exercises in our pila hahaha and eats the bad stuff in it haha. its kinda of against the rules to have pets but he really technecly isnt a pet. oh and remember that iguana thing i caught a few weeks ago the elder i was with got him made in to a wallet its way cool.

but ya its been a good week we had another baptism this week her name is maria the is like 65 years old cant remember a thing esspecially our names hahaha. but she is an awesome little old lady and everything to her is about faith. its really funny.

elder cater is doing good he is a little bagy cuz he leaves at the end of next change. he has been big time giping with the recent convert of the other elders in monjaras its pettery funny . giping is flirting in mission terms. i cant gip (geep) because io dont understand a whole lot.

cizmas had mini changes last week he is in one of the most coveted zones in the mission. its called dahn li. its chilly there. its just the upper class part of our mission. he is having a great time there i talk to him like once a week or so haha.

we are still working with dani and lanny. we are just waiting on the go ahead from the lawyer but i dont think it wil be too much longer i just hope im still there for their baptism because a few people in the zone think im out this change but i asked president if i could stay in monjaras for atleaste one more change. and he said ok so i can only pray right now.

but it was a good week. we baptized. so that always makes it a good week. keep up with the missionary work. a really good book that helped me on the mssion was our search for happines by m. russell ballard in the missionary library. hey and did you happen to send that stuff i asked for cause i should be finishing the book of mormon if you sent it already.

les amo a todos

Elder Spencer Olsen

Left Elder Wilkinson ZL, middle me, right Elder Mungia DL. We had our bdays is the 2 months

This is Elder Adams my ZL with the new gyrobo wallet
Remember the Gyrobo they caught and had it tied to his table in their house, well it's now a wallet

This is Rico Chavez

For some reason, my computer won't send the picture of the baptism at the beach or of Hermona Maria's baptism. I will try and get it sent next time.

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