Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Find a Way

So after we received last week's email, we prayed about what we should do about helping out this young couple that Spencer is working with. We decided that we needed to and so we made sure that there was enough money in his account. It's amazing how the Lord provides away for those who seek and ask. Read on....

Dear mom and everyone
so 1st thing about the money... it doesnt make a diffence right now. because last week after i was done emailing i went and got a little money out of my account. it was one of the atms that takes you card untill the transaction is over... so i was putting my money in my wallet and left my card in the slot and while i was doing this the atm ate my card and we have no idea who to call there are like 6 banks tha tuse this atm. so i currently dont have have my gringo card. so if you could be so kind as to send me a new one with that stuff i asked for last week that would be AWESOME.
but anyway... no i didnt get robbed last week. the chaple we play at has 3 rooms with the folding wall. the actual chaple the cultural hall then a 3rd split for the stage. so alot of missionaries had put their stuff in the 3rd spot of the stage and there were these 2 kids that werent missionaries that we think stole 1600 limp from cizmas and another missionary in my district. but im all good on this end.
but cizmas had mini changes on wednesday so i dont live with him anymore. and the other 2 elders that live with us have to find a new house. just stupid drama like always in my life. but its whatever i dont have to pack my stuff in the middle of the change.
we lost a big part of the week because we had to go into the city for a meeting for the trainers and the trainees. so we last like a day and a half. but we are still going to be baptizing this staturday. she is a really old lady that cant read bearly see and every answer she gives us is how faith is goign to save us and she just rambles on this stories that make no sence she is a funny little lady. her husband told us the other day that he had already been baptized in another church and didnt need to get baptized again. so we are going to work with him a little harder to see if we can change his mind about his other church he never goes to haha.
now about the car. i could care less haha. its not m main objective out her is to worry about the car that i already knew i wasnt going to come home to. that just sucks for connor not having a car and having to possible have to but a new one haha. but its all good.
so aobut that little family its all good with them it isnt going to cost as much as we thought so we have it taken care of. this last week the mission opened a fund to help the missionaries with wedding and stuff so the Lord is finding us a way to get this done for them. i feel really strongly aobut this. in all honestly i know with out a doubt that this is what the Lord wants me to do to tent my faith at this point in my missions. as soon as we started this whole proccess he had president open up this fund to help us get this done.
so while i was in the city we got to see picachu ( the coca-cola cristo) and that sign. it was from far way but we still saw it. it was way cool i got a few pics of it. i cant wait to actually wait to go visit it.
oh and on sunday i had to teach the investagator class all in spanish all by myself. it was pretty good. i just couldnt flow the words the way i wanted so that made the lesson really choppy but other than that everyone said i had a great lesson. i worked on it so hard. it was way intense.
but ya jsut another good old week in monjaras. its alot of fun but its really hard sometimes but im making it through. well i hope everything truns around on connor cuz that sucks. but its way awesome that everyone is doing good.
Les Amo
Elder Sencer Olsen

ps i really do want/need the book and pens so ya and what other books you guys here might are good. if you could send them too me that would be awesome. and forget about the hat it was a dumb idea.

Just after Spencer received his call, we went to Barnes and Noble to find a book about Honduras. In the book, it talks about the Christo Statue on the mountain in Tegucigalpa just like in Brazil. The funny thing about it is that right next to the statue is a Coca-Cola sign just like the Hollywood sign in California so they call the statue the Coca-Cola Christo. We laughed and laughed about it.
-this is the coca cola cristo

this is the coca cola sign

-the 2 elders on either side of me came to the mission with me. jensen on the left and henandez on the right. i dont know the other guy

i made surgar cookies at dirtrict meeting

this is danni and lanny and their 8 month old baby.

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