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1st Family Baptism - February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

So every week I keep my phone by me until I hear the little jingle letting me know that I have received my email from my Missionary. Some weeks he writes in the morning, but lately, Spencer hasn't been writing until the afternoon. He has to go into Choluteca for pday and he uses the computer there at an internet cafe. Well, this week the day drug on forever. Garrett had a writing assignment for school and he was suppose to send an email to someone so of course he wrote to his brother. When he got home from school on Monday, Garrett announce that he got a letter back from Spencer. He was so excited. I was excited for him, too, but I was frustrated that I hadn't received my letter yet. Just a few minutes late, the jingle came, and I could finally relax and enjoy finding out what kind of a week Spencer has had. So enjoy reading the letter between Garrett and Spencer and the letter he sent to the family. It has been fun because he is writing more details and he has sent a bunch of pictures. I wish he had time to journal about the pictures, but I guess I just need to be happy that he is sending pictures at all. We are so proud of him, and it seems like he is settling right into his life and enjoying everything he can from this great experience.

Dear Elder Spencer,

How are you doing? My teacher gave us some he work to write to someone in your family and tell them what you are doing in science, so I choose you. We have to check the moon every night then recorded it. Just the other day we made water clocks. What you had to do was to take a tub fill it with water then take a funnel and put a little yellow thing on it with a hole at the bottom. Then you count how long it take to hit the bottom of the tub. It's really fun
Love you little bro,

Dear garrett
you craqck me up kid! hope everything is going great. make sure you are staying focused in school work hard. i pray for you guys everyday
te amo
elder spencer olsenQue tal, como estan,

Dear Mom and everyone,

Ok so my new comp is name Elder Carter he is from utah the city that snow college is in. he goes home at the end of next change. so i will probaly kill him in monjaras (you kill someone when you are their last comp before they go home) but ya he is a way cool kid i get along with him really well. he really doesnt care what people think of him which kinda scares me a little bit because he already isnt liked by one of the families that cooks for us on friday nights lol. that family tells every missionary about it hopefully they learn thats just his attitude. but i have no issuse with him.

so my baptism last week i thought wasnt that great. i though that he was doing it just to apease him family. but every time i see him around town instead of being with his old stoner buddies his with the guys from young mens and after i told him he couldnt wear his cross anymore he stoped wearing it. im so pumped about it.

so we finally had the baptisms for that family last night. it was way crazy. because the 2 oldest jorge and luis are always working yesterday they worked from 1am to 3 pm it is unreal what they make the kids do out here for work. but we went over to their house like 3 different times to try to get the interviews done and they would always say oh they on thier way just a few more minutes. but we finally got them to the chruch, they passed their interviews. so my dl didnt ask them who they wanted to baptize them so while my dl was finishing up we had his comp ask the 3 others who they wanted to baptize them and when he went to the youngest named emerson the kid asked my dls comp to do it. it was pretty funny. but it was no big deal i got to do the other 3 it was so freaking awesome they have been so blessed ever since they have been coming to church, they have been the last 2 sundays in a row. and i also got to confirm the mom her name is hna maria. it was crazy to do that in spanish let alone if it were in english.

so this week was a really fun week i got to go on division with one of my zls Elder Adams. he goes home at the end of this change (transfer) so he is a little bit baggy (truncky) so we had a good time. so a few weeks ago we were headed into choluteca for pday and there where these 8 black kids we call them the negritos. but they asked us if we were christians and stuff and cizmas and i taught them the 1st lesson. and they wanted to know more. so me and elder adams went looking for them. they live on the other side of my area that i dont really know that well because its so far for the capilla (chaple) that almost all the members on that side are almost all inactive haha. so while we were looking for them we ran into a gyrobo that iguana type thing i told you i had eaten. so elder adams is standing like 3 feet from it and bashes it with a rock trying to kill it because he know a guy that can make a wallet out of it. he hit directly in the head but it didnt die it ran at him with its mouth wide open. so we chased it into this yard and the family help us catch it it was way funny and cool so i have had a pet gyrobo in my house for the last like 3 days and finally gave it to the guy that is going to do all the stuff with it. elder adams is getting a bunch of stuff from this guy so when he leaves he is going to give me his number and im going to get a set of crocodile scripture covers. and a gyrobo wallet i saw some of the stuff the guy had and it was way cool.

so ya i thought i sent you like 9 fotos last week so ill try to sent more this week im trying to store all my fotos on my ipod so incase i do get robbed im all good lol so i dont lose them all. at times i feel like i have like no time till i go home but others i feel like have have an eternity left. can you belevie this is the week a year ago we satrted hcg that freaking crazy how fast that crap went hahaha. well im doing great. saw the highlights of the superbowl this afternoon at the pizzahut in choluteca. so im not in a huge bubble all the time haha. well hope everything is going great at home and if new girls move into the ward that i dont know let them know they can write me any time. and tell dad im sorry i havent written him just all the time i dont have time it weird to only hear from you not that that is a bad thing lol. love you guys im doing great.

con amor
Elder Spencer Olsen

So every night they go to member's home for dinner. It looks like it's pizza night!
I think this is his DL's companion.
They are not given much money for the week so a lot of time they hitch hike rides with people in town. They all do it, but I don't think they are suppose to. Leave it to Spencer. Boy doesn't he look happy, and tan, too!
Most of the people in Monjaras work at the Sugar Cane Factory.
Cane fields outside of town in Monjaras.
Shrimp Fry. I'm so happy and jealous all in the same breath.
His pet Gyboro.
He's a pretty looking animal. I guess he will make a nice wallet.
Spencer has always loved animals. Now he really gets to play with them.

Here piggy, piggy, piggy!

Young Men in Monjaras.
Young Women in Monjaras.
His first Family Baptism.
(I tried everything to get it to rotate)

I think the boy on the right is the young man that he baptized last week.

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  1. Spencer looks so happy and he is positive. Things have to seem so different to him but he is adjusting well. We love reading his letters and we can see the growth that has come to him. This is a choice time in his life. Tell him to work harder than he has even done before in his life and he will be blessed beyond his dreams. We are sure proud of him. Hugs to all of you.