Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Mom and Everone,
it was kind of a slow week this week. we didnt so a whole lot of work in the sence of tracking but. but we did a bunch of work trying to get a divorce started so we can get another family baptized.
There names are dani and lanny. They are a very young coulpe. they are both 20 like 5 months older then i am its crazy. they have an 8 month old child. they are probably the strongest members of our branch. they are the coolest people i have met.
so im guessing when lanny was about 17 she got married for the first time which is way cool to here someone actually got married on their own power down her. you dont see that much. people will call each other husband and wife but are not lawfully wedded.
so this litte family has been woking with me and my comp right now are the 4th set of missionaries to be visiting with them. and the first 3 just took the advice of all the other missionaries and not do any thing about it. because it takes too long too much money and just not worth it. like 8 weeks and 8000 limps to get the divorce. so like 400 dallors.
im pretty sure that when i see those elders in judgment i will laugh at them because they did nothing for them and they are probably going to get married in the temple.
so we heard of a member lawyer in choleteca that could do a divorce in 3 weeks for 3000 limps. so roughly 150 bucks. so we got talking to this lawyer and he said that he could do it. but before he could start the prosses he need the birth certificate of lanny, her mom´s because she was the one who signed the paper for her to get married, and a marrige certificate. so we gave her 500limps to go to where she was born because thats where she was married and thats where the birth certificates where at. so she wnet on friday and came back on satruday. she got everythign we needed.
it has been pretty smooth for the 1st part of it. everyone says this is really going to try my patients. im still not like christ on that one. dont have a whole lot of it but we are trying. so we talked to the lawyer today. and he said that he just need to meet with her. she needs to meet with the judge on wednesday and he can start the procces then.
so now comes the hard part on your end. the lawyer wants the money upfront. and we are poor missionaries. we still need to work out a few things with the money but ya so i need to put up half for that. just 75 dallors. no to you guys are home that doesnt seem like a whole lot of money. but that is like amonths worth of work down here so if you read this on my blog please help. if you help me with this you will be helping someone into the warters of baptism. and eventually to the temple. in d&c 18:15-16 it say And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one asoul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father! And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the akingdom of my Father, how great will be your bjoy if you should bring manycsouls unto me!. and that is exactly what you would be doing. this family deserves this. they want to so bad. and a few people in the branch that they live with have driven it into their heads that they are fornicating. which they are but they dont need to feel that from people they work with and see everyday. because the devil got in the way just 4 years ago. so please ill have a picture for my mom next week to put on the blog. they are way cool and deseve to enter into the kingdom of god.
but that has been my main focus this week. i also started and finished our seardh for happiness in 3 days. its not hugly doctonily profound. but its plain and preshis truths that i think every meber need to read. and if someone has been offended by the church and really want to know what the church is like this is the book to read.
so i need a few things... not money (even though that would be great) i realy need a set of like 5 to 7 differnt color of those fine tip creative memory pens. thats the 1st one. another is th Jesus the Christ that pres. crutis gave me before i left. it was the dumbest this to leave that. if you have to open the boxes to find it thats totally cool but only that. and the last thing is a few books everyone he talks about dorctine of salvation compiled by bruce r maconcy but the 1st 2 are neccecary.
well thats all for today hope everyone is doing great and tell connor to read to the bom before he leave and chapter 3. tell mitchell to do the same and to look for those 3 things. it helps you focus more on what you are reading.

We had to take a jallone to an amt to get money to started the divorce and we got picked up by a pepsi truck

1st official picture with my new comp Elder Carter

There is a fair in town and while we were going to a cita we crased a parade

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