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January 14, 2012 It's Hot

I hope everyone enjoys his email.  Sounds like he's getting a little homesick.  I will explain his last comment in the next email.....

Hey mom and everyone 

Man my weeks are really starting to go by really, really slowly. My comp thinks that if we aren’t knocking on doors or opening the mouth with people, we are just the most disobedient people in the mission. Like on Sunday we had to wait for some members to leave to go to a meeting far away so we didn’t end up leaving the chapel until like 1 in the afternoon. So we get home to eat lunch and I wanted to rest just a little but of time. Like 20 30 minutes to let the food pass through my system. And the moment I laid down in one of the hammocks they have hanging up he tells me we have to go and that we are wasting time. Oh man did that just kill me. I was so tired. That is one thing that I will never be able to get rid of is that Sundays in the afternoon I’m just soooooo tired that I don’t want to do anything.

Nothing too big is going on around out here. It’s just really, really hot haha. Man I hate the cold I'm so glad I’m not in AZ right now I want it to be hot when I get home so we can go out on the boat. We did get a reference the other day from our mission leader. It is a family that lives in front of him. They are a family of 11 in one house. But that’s with kids and grandkids and families of the kids. We will see what happens with them we just started teaching them this week. Tonight we have a cita with then and we will be eating fried shrimp with them for free. Yes be jealous. But that is the big thing.

I don’t know if I told you but we are teaching a big wig teacher here in langue. So we went to go talk to him on Thursday with our land lady who was also a big wig teacher here. Back ground info.... teachers in place like where I’m at in little cities with a lot of villages around them are the people with all the money. The few people with cars are the store owners and teachers. So we went with her to invite him to the open house and all that. And the way that our land lady is she likes to talk a lot. So we didn’t get a whole lot done but we did challenge him to baptism with a date for Feb. 2 so that was really big. 

But ya know just the same old same old. Oh for the YM/YW they still stick with the old school books. This year is D&C. because not everyone has a computer out here. Umm not sure on the whole camera thing but ill ask about it but the soon the better. At the beginning of Feb. we might go to Choluteca that might be a good day to look but I don’t know if ill go to Tegus before that, but sooner the better for the money. 

But I’m doing great. I love what I’m doing and I love you guys and all the support you guys give me

Elder Spencer Olsen 
(The soon to be elder Anderson ha-ha) 

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