Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 4, 2013 The Double Dragon

Hey mom and everyone,

So just an FYI, Elder Tarver is my best friend in the mission. And Nacaome is the area that is next to mine. So we generally meet up to do things together every now and again. 

Man with the whole package thing I had a few things in mind. If the Bigmane hat is still there as well I would like that. And if you send me anymore shirts make them large. The xls are too big haha. And white shirts the 16 1/2. 

Man this week... it was awful haha. So on Monday it started off normal. We went to Nacaome to buy some stuff and eat lunch. I had a hamburger that wasn’t that good. But so the big thing here is that not everyone cleans cabbage very well. So one of the young women in my branch was selling something called tajadas, the j makes the h sound. And they put cabbage on it. That was the only thing that my comp didn’t eat that I ate. So Monday went normal. Tuesday kind of but in the night time I really started to feel funny. I woke up the next day and man I felt like crap. My stomach was all bloated and I had diarrhea. But we had a very important cita at 11 in the morning. The family that we are teaching right now, the family Nunez, invited us to eat lunch. So we get there and she had made fish and rice and beans. Man I had to force that crap down. I only ate like half of it. And she told me she felt bad. But she understood. So what she did is she made me an oregano tea with alka seltzer. Man that was the worst thing that has ever entered my body haha. But I got it all down. The radiated lemonade when I had with my appendicitis would have been better than that haha. 

SO we had one more cita that was kind of far away. So we went out there just to see if I could handle it. Man I wanted to kill myself the whole way out there and back haha. So I told my comp that I had to go in haha. 

So I tried to sleep for the afternoon away. That didn’t work that well haha. I just felt so bad. I felt like I had eaten like 3 thanksgiving dinners haha. So I just tried to keep my mind off of it. Couldn’t do that either, so I ended up calling the mission nurse again. She had me take a few pills and other stuff, and the next day she sent me pepto. Then later that night I started to itch all over the place. And I have had a rash on my shoulders for the last like 8 months or so. So I called the mission nurse back and she told me that I was just going for a homerun haha. She is a really funny lady named Sister Smart. And she told me to put on this lotion than she had sent us a little while back haha. So that helped.

And then later that night we tried to go to another cita. We started walking there and we were like 2 blocks away and I told my comp that I wasn’t going to make so we went back to the house and I had what is called double dragon haha. I hope you can imagine that haha. But the next day we went to San Lorenzo for district meeting and I felt fine and I finally could eat because I couldn’t eat anything for like 2 days. 

Man I just feel like everything sometimes is falling out from under me. But I’m really trying. Man this is really getting hard for me. I really want out of Langue haha. Only 6 weeks more. But man it will be crazy to go home. All the things that will become real, school, work, car, phone, and everything in-between. But I’m going to make it through. 

I love you guys. Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I just need a little pick me up so hurry up with that package haha. And I think the camera will help too haha

Elder Spencer Olsen 

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