Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 12, 2013

So we usually get Spencer's email around 3-4 pm Monday afternoon.  I read a quick email from him around 3:30 and he said he would have to write on Tuesday because the power was just about to turn off.  The exciting news in our family is that our married daughter, Lauren and Dennis, is pregnant and she wrote to Spencer to tell him.  He was really excited.  He said in his quick email that he couldn't believe that she is prego and he was so excited.  So as you scroll through this post, you will see that he bought a new camera.  So there are lots of fun pictures.  Phylip and Kelsy are friends from our Ward, and Connor is our 2nd son who is working on getting his papers ready to submit to serve a mission.  We are getting excited to have two son's on missions.  

Hey mom and everyone,

Sounds like you just have my life planned out for me when I get home haha. Man and what about the stuff I would like to do haha. So it sounds like I'm going to have a nice new car when I get home haha. Something else I have been thinking about when I get home is a car and I think I want to get a small car like a Honda civic or a Toyota corolla. And good call in what you need to be worried about I’m more worried about getting assaulted then getting sick out here haha. Man and that sucks for Phylip. Send him my condolences haha. That’s way exciting for Kelsy and all the guys from the Ward. Now Connor just has to get his stuff in order and we’llll be in business. 

I can’t believe that my Sis is pregos!!! Ya voy a ser tio Spencer. I’m so ecstatic. You should have seen yesterday when I saw the email haha. I almost jumped out of my seat and was speaking very loudly in English. The people looked at me really weird, because that didn’t understand what I was saying haha. 

Man this last week was a big joke haha. We couldn’t work for like 3 days just so I could go get my camera haha. So I go the camera and man I dropped so much money on that thing haha. With an 8gig SD card and the camera it cost me all 7000 limpers that is the same as 350 buck hahaha. But man this thing is tight haha. It’s touch screen. I can send pics through wifi when I can get a hold of it and all the kind of stuff. And it takes such clear photos. 

So new subject haha. And also on top of not being able too much because we have not had energy in Langue for 2 nights straight. It goes out at like 4 or 5 and it doesn’t come back till like 10 at night. It’s horrible. So we have just basically had to chill like all night. We haven't been able to do anything. Man Honduras sucks sometimes. Wait till you guys come down here and you will see how I really. Live you have no idea. We don’t have clean running water. We don’t even get running water everyday during the week. 

Man I can’t believe how much life is changing without me. I just need you guys to pause for 8 months more so I can be at least a little up to date haha. I love you guys so much I’m doing great. 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

  Man I'm looking so good these days

This is the grandson of mirian nunez the family we are teaching haha big what big eyes he has haha

 This is how i fill up the laundray machine with well water we have to pull out of a 12 foot deep well 

 And this is the machine that i use to wash my cloths

  I would like you to meet my comp Elder Gillagin haha

 This is the branch pres they just took out. Hims name is Jorge Yanez 

 This is our primary presidency the one in blue is the president her name is diana way cool she is only like a year older then i am haha

 Look I'm home haha 

  This is my land lady. She is the Honduran Beautiful Judy haha

  Here I am with Elder Tarver waiting for breakfast baleadas

  just a little more of honduras

 Here is the Honduras i look at everyday haha 

Me with my MTC comp the day i got my camera

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