Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey mom and everyone. 

So this is the way I look at it. Have you seen, “On the Lords Errand,” the movie about the Prophet? Well his family doesn’t call him Pres. Monson they call him Tommy so I figure it’s ok to call me Spencer, and better that way ha-ha. 

Man what can I tell that is new. Not a whole lot changes. Its mainly just knocking doors all day long cuz the big majority of the members don’t know how to give references ha-ha. For pday, it kind of sucks for where we are. If we want to go play with the zone we have to pay 35 limps to go to San Lorenzo and that is a lot of money for us. And that’s just to go there that’s not even counting coming back, plus paying for food and internet today. So today we didn’t go. We just went to Nacaome. It’s a little bit closer and we don’t have a grocery store here so that’s the closest one to us. I also got a bunch of Christmas letters this week and Sis Lyons gave me ten bucks so I went to a bank to go change it out. We bought some food went and had Chinese fried rice and chop suey and came back to write here in Langue. 

Here in the south there is only one indoor actual bball court and it’s in Choluteca and that is about 2 hours from where I live and is out side of the zone so we can’t go there. Lame. And you know me and that stupid toilet. That hasn’t change in my mission I still hate doing that ha-ha. We do play a lot of soccer. I have gotten ok. But you know I don’t like wasting myself in the heat for something I’m not a huge fan of. I love playing bball so much. I can’t wait to get home to play that all the freaking time. 

So the whole thing about ward missionaries... if they existed that would be nice haha. I haven’t had a single area that has had ward missionaries. We literally have to do everything haha. Not sure yet. This has kind been an expensive month for me and I only have 35 bucks till the 1st so I’m going to have to pull out some money this week on Thursday haha. But when ever you can put it in that would be fabulous. Hopefully by the beginning of Feb. I should be able to go get it. 

Here in Langue there are a few places to go hike. And where you go to you can see an island called Amapala and El Salvador and obviously the ocean but really far away. But other then that, we don’t do much. On Wednesday we went to go hunt gyrobos and we had to hike quite a bit but we didn’t get anything. But it was fun we are going to go back out one of these days to try to catch something. 

But you know it’s the same old. I did have to finally talk to my comp about being more relaxed in the things we do. We had just a normal day for missionary work. it was a little bit of a tough day and when we got home and prayed to start nightly planning my comp called our day a big waste. Man I got on my soap box. I have unfortunately inherited that from my father... but I got a little upset with him that the day we had had wasn’t a waste that things happen. He hasn’t realized that I gave an unemployed member a work reference that it is like a for sure job. So he is starting to chill out a little bit haha. 

Well I love you guys hope everything is good. Sounds like you loved your get away haha. 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

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