Sunday, February 10, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey mom and everyone. 

So the whole Elder Anderson thing is this about 2 weeks ago I asked for new tags but I got them with Elder Anderson haha. I got one for grandpa also I'm getting that as a souvenir for him haha. There hasn’t been an Elder Anderson in the family since Uncle Brett so I figured I would put the other side of the family to work haha. 

Study wise you guys know how I am for reading. That really hasn’t changed much haha. But I try to stay focused. I just started the B of M again going on my second time right now. With my Jesus the Christ I keep starting it and I only get to like the 5th chapter haha. But I did finish our Search for Happiness that is an awesome book. I loved it. The PMG they gave us is in Spanish but the words I don’t understand are very few and I can generally figure out what it means for context clues. But in all honesty my Spanish is top notch. The mistakes I make are few. There are a lot of missionaries that get to the end of their mission and don’t have as good of Spanish as I do. That, I am dead serious about. I'm very proud of how my Spanish is.  A lot of people confuse me for a native speaker. Or think I’m half Latin or I have spoken Spanish my whole life. Sorry for being so proud but I have worked hard to have the Spanish that I have, and I thank the Lord for how much He has helped me. In my patriarchal blessing says that I will be fluent in tongue. And I really do feel that that has come to reality. Oh and about the other books. Don’t worry about them. Ill read them when I get home. The family of 11 in starting to diminish I think that we will at least baptize the parents of the family. There is one kid in the family that goes to another church where the parents told the member that goes with us that he is trying to confuse us haha. The kid doesn’t know anything haha. He was looking for a scripture to try to prove the BofM couldn’t be true. It took him seriously like 20 minutes to find. And the scriptures actually helped our cause haha. It was funny. It doesn’t help that he dropped out at like 13 years old and is only 19 right now haha. Pastors can’t even put up with me haha. But with the 2 parents we should get the younger kids of the family. But their date is for the 26th cuz we have to get them married. But that shouldn’t be a problem. The big majority of the people here in the south is that people who aren’t members don’t get what a temple is. The majority of the people think that a temple is where you go to for meetings on Sundays and through the week like a chapel. So we have to explain that a lot. I imagine that in Tegus they realize a little bit more. But on the 25th we are going to go to the open house with the members and hopefully with a bunch of investigators so that they can get to know the temple and everything. I'm so excited. 

So I got some great news with this week. So we had interviews this week and I asked Pres. if I could call home for when Connor opens his call and he gave me the ok haha. I’m so excited. Ill probably do over Skype again. But I got the ok so you guys need to let me know when he puts his papers in so I can be ready and everything to call you guys. Also I’m going to need the money before changes. He also gave me permission to go to Tegus for changes to go buy my camera so before Feb. 4th. 

Man you wouldn’t believe my week. So it started off normal and then hit Thursday. So it started off that we had interviews on Friday and we would have had to have gone to San Lorenzo 2 times in the week. That is 70 limps in bus fairs each day. So to save money, the week before I asked the ZL's if I could stay with the elders in Centro Elder Edwards from AZ and his comp. They told me it was ok. So we have to wake up at 530 on Thursday to make it on time to district meeting. So the night before we got everything ready for the inspection and all the things we would need. So in the morning I called the ZL’s to ask see if I could take the phone with us. We don’t have a cell phone haha. Ill send you a pic when I get my camera. And they tell me that I can’t. Even though when they had said I could. And the Saturday before they made us go to San Lorenzo to drop off Bapt. clothes. So being the same me I got mad and hung up on them. They tried to call back while we had to unpack to catch the bus and the phone shut off so it looked like I had hung up on them. So we had to use 140 limps in bus fair cuz the ZL’s goofed us up. And then on Saturday and Sunday literally all of our citas fell on us and then when we were knocking doors for like 3 hours each day and nobody would let us in. Those days literally kill you. 

But I think these weeks will be good. Everything is starting to work out. I’m doing great just getting home sick haha. But I’m going to make it only 8 months left. Can you believe that only 8 months left? That is not an eternity anymore haha. 

Love you all 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

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