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February 19, 2013 Langue-Hammock

So one of Spencer's friend, Darin Kerr is serving in Boise, ID and will be coming home in June.  His brother, Taylor, who is Connor's (Spencer's Brother) Friend opened his call the other day, and he is going to Guatemala, Guatemala City South June 12th.  Spencer asked his Mission President if he could Skype us when Connor opens his call (which should be in the next month or so).  We told Spencer of the call and that Darin didn't ask his Mission President if he could call when Taylor opened his call.  Leave it to Spencer to not be afraid to ask if he could call when his brother opens his call.

Hey mom and everyone,

Q calidad para Taylor. That’s how you say that’s cool for Taylor in Guatemalan. That kid will fit in out there, dark skin shots with spiked hair haha. The kid is going to turn into a japine (chapine) haha. Man I can’t believe that Darin didn’t ask permission. Man my pres didn’t even think twice when I asked he just told me to do it haha. But that’s cool. I believe that he will have the Honduran border in his mission, I'm not sure. But man Guatemalan can get pretty chilly in some places. It can get down to like 30 to 25 degrees. Just cuz its Central America doesn’t mean it’s always warn haha. 

Man this week was another weird week haha. So on Monday we get a text that we had to be in Tegus for a trainer and trainee meeting with pres on Wednesday. So that meant we had to go in to San Lorenzo again to stay and wait for the bus again and when we came back on Wednesday it was cheaper for us to stay there again so we lost another 3 days of work. But the conference that we had with Pres was really good. Those conferences always make you want to be a better missionary haha. I got to see a few of my friends as well haha. So it was a good time. I did have to sleep in my hammock those two nights. Man did that just destroy my neck haha. 

Man we really aren’t having much success right now. We are still working with Miguel Gallardo and it’s been really hard to keep appointments with him just cuz he the principal of a big public school in San Lorenzo and teaches classes in the university out there too. But he still looks really motivated we are really trying hard with him. He is a very intelligent man but some times that works against us but we are working hard to make sure he gets to be a member. We are still working with the family Nunez. It’s basically just the mom of the family her name is Miriam. She is a great women if they are making dinner when we get there she always has a little for us. Right now is to get here to go to church and get her married but her husband doesn’t want to so we will see what happens. But I really want to see that them both get baptized they would be great members. 

That’s been the really big thing this last week. We are going to the temple next Monday. Ill send you pics next week cuz the computer I'm using is really slow at uploading them. Talk to you guys next week. It will be on Tuesday again. 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

Ok, Spencer wasn't able to write on Monday because there was no electricity on Monday, so he wrote on Tuesday.  On tues. morning, I received an email through my text on my phone.  I was at school so we were emailing a little bit back and forth.  I was sitting at carpet time with my 20 preschoolers telling them about my son that lives in Honduras and showed them a couple of pictures of how he gets water and his washing machine.  I took a picture of my class and sent it to Spencer and asked him to send me one that I could show the class.  This is the picture he sent.

I can't wait for this coming weeks email.  He gets to go to the Honduras Temple Open House with his branch and there should be lots of pictures

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