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Langue Feb 26, 2013 Honduras Temple Open House

This was a rough week for me because I ended up getting really sick.  I knew that Spencer wouldn't be writing until Tuesday morning because they went to the Honduras Temple Open House on Monday.  I went to bed on Sunday evening with a fever. I went to work the next day but came home and went right to bed and totally forgot to write to Spencer.  When I got to work on Tuesday morning, I got a quick email from Spencer about how sad he was that I didn't send him a letter.  I felt awful!  He kept it going and we emailed a little bit and then he told me he was totally kidding with me.  But I still felt horrible that I had forgotten to write to my Missionary.  The ladies I work with were great and let me write a quick email to him and all was better.  He had a great week and day visiting the Temple.  He also has sent some fun pictures.  Enjoy......

Hey mom and everyone,

Its ok I just love giving you a hard time. That whole pot stirrer thing has not changed haha. Every time we started a new change we always introduce ourselves and tell about ourselves and I always say that I like to bother people hahaha. 

My week was pretty good. It is always just the same, except we had zone conference. Was it intense? The whole thing with the temple president doesn’t want unworthy people going to the temple dedication so he has been hitting us hard with repentance haha. But it was really good. I got to see a bunch of my friends from the mish. The AP's had some really good classes also about the same thing haha. But it was awesome. 

Man the work out here is really slow. So this week we are going back to the basics to find some new peeps. But it’s because we have been trying really hard to help raise the attendance. When I got here there was a 23 average and now we are up to like 45 sometimes 50. So now that we have it a little bit higher, we are going to see what happens, cuz our numbers aren’t looking that good haha. So we are going to try to work more to get investigators. 

Well yesterday was awesome. It was the 1st time I have gone into the temple in about 15 months haha. So yesterday finally we got to go to the temple open house. WE took 2 buses. But they all didn’t get filled. But we had a good like 45 nonmembers go so it was an awesome time.

The coolest thing of all wasn’t even going to the temple it was getting to see all the member s from my 1st area Monjaras. Right as we go there they were coming out of the temple. It has now been a year since I have seen all these people. I was jumping and just so happy to see everyone. Hna Maricela was there and just everyone. A bunch of the YW were there too. I was so excited to see them. One of the helpers got a little mad at me because I was making a little too much noise hah. But I didn’t care I was just so excited to see them haha.

But at the temple we didn’t even get to be in there for much time. Inside the temple we were in there for like 10 minutes and there weren’t guides to explain everything. We just kind of walked through. But I'm talking to my branch pres so we can go one more time one Saturday the last day of the open house, so we can see more and be there for more time. Cuz I only got like 3 photos. But will see ill let you know. 

I love you guys, unfair about all the sushi but what ever I’m expecting to eat it when I get home haha

Love you all

Elder Spencer Olsen 

  This is Shela. She is the owner of the big water company here in Langue and we have gotten to be really good friends with her haha. And she is Honduran not Gringa haha 

 This is a really cool tree i climbed

  This is Hna Carmen and that bucket on her head is full of water. She climbed a steep 100' hill 
to get that back home hahaha

 Man I'm getting sexy hahaha

 This is Isela. She was baptized when i got here. She is way smart. In the bus to the temple 

 Here we are at the Temple. It was sooooo awesome

 This is the name of one of the neighborhoods by the Temple hahah Copacabanna 

I sat down on the middle of the Panamerica Highway hahaha 

They celebrated our bdays in Zone Conference  

 Here I am with Elder Tarver at the Temple. Just for you and his mom we took this photo haha 

These are my AP's Elder Clay and Ramirez 

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