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March 12, 2013 Langue Splits with Tarver

Our Family went to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) for Spring Break this week.  We have gone several times but haven't gone for a long time. We knew Spencer would be a little baggy from us going.  He's excited to go with us so he can be our tour guide.  We always take clothes to trade for souvenirs and give to the Members of the Church down there.  We ran into the missionaries while we were down there.  One of the Missionaries, Elder Hillier from Colorado, was in the MTC with Spencer in his District and remembers him.  What a small world it really is.  We took a bunch of clothes over to the church on our last night and talked with the missionaries there for a while.  They are having great success down there.  There are 2 Branches and 3 sets of missionaries just in Puerto Penasco. 

Mitchell, DAD, and Garrett sitting in the middle of the street at the "Paved" Dirt Mall in Puerto Penasco.
This was taken for Spencer in response to when he was sitting in the middle of the PanAmerican Highway. 

March 12, 2013

Hey mom dad and everyone,

Man this week was really good. So it was a normal week. So we started going with the husband a few weeks ago. This guy has been so tough. The missionaries have been going there with his wife for like 10 years and he hasn’t wanted anything. He had gone to church and stuff like that but baptism he didn’t want anything haha. Even with my last comp he didn’t want anything. But now with Mendoza we started to break some ground haha. So at the beginning of last week we told us he was a smoker and that he smoked 10 cigarettes a day. Man I got down on that one. But he said he would make an effort to stop smoking. So the next day we went over he told us he was only going to smoke 3 cigs that entire day haha. I was so shocked. And day by day he dropped one each day.

So then on Thursday I went on division with Elder Tarver and we went over to the guys house. His name is Alfonzo Calix Yanez. So with Tarver we set up a plan so that he would drop smoking completely by Sunday and that on Sunday he would go to church. And we also put service with him on Saturday.

So on Saturday morning we went to go do the service which was to go into the middle of nowhere and put together piles of rocks to make a floor they are putting on the side of his house. So we did that and also got a bunch of fire wood. I took a huge log and we had to walk with it for like a half mile it was so far haha with how big that log was haha. So we did that and left with that he was going to go to church the next day.

So we were getting ready to go to pick him up to go to church and we called them first cuz they live kind of far away. So we called them and we found out that he wasn’t going to be able to go and I thought that he was going to have to go to get baptized. So I got upset it was really sad. But yesterday I had to go to Tegus and talk to president about a few things and  I was able to ask him about Alfonzo and president told me that it doesn’t matter when he has gone to church but he just need to have gone to church. And he has been before so I’m going to be baptizing him this Saturday hahaha. Another family I’m so excited. He also has completely stopped smoking I’m so excited. 

Well we have the dedication this week I’m so pumped to see. It will be a great time. I should get changes this week so I’m starting to say good bye to the people. But I’m ready to get out of here. I love you guys have fun in Mexico.  Next time we go you will have a translator hahaha. 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

 Splits with Elder Tarver - El Salvador is behind them
  I'm going to escape haha 

 Man I'm in the middle of nowhere
 My Elders Quorum Pres is just a doofy kid haha
 We made baleadas on Saturday
 This is where Alfonzo lives
This is where he went to do Service.  A Rock Floor and Firewood
1st time at circle k in 2 years haha
 I love going to Tegus haha 

I am friends with Elder Tarver's mother and she posted these pictures on his blog
 and gave me permission to use them.  
 Every once in a while, the missionary companions switch things up and trade companions for the day.  It's called Splits.  Spencer did Splits with Elder Tarver and Spencer took him to go see a man that the missionaries had been working with for a long time.  He lives on the Honduras/El Salvador Border.
 El Salvador (Tarver)
 The Bridge to El Salvador (Tarver)
 The Border (Tarver)
 Looking like Tourists (Tarver)
 San Lorenzo District (Tarver)
A Carnival they saw when they were on Splits (Tarver)

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