Friday, March 15, 2013

March 5, 2013 Langue Starting Over

Hey mom Dad and everyone,

Man thanks for the updates haha. Man I can’t believe that so much is going on with out me. Seven more months hahaha. Tell the bishop to open up a spot on the agenda. Man but it’s been a very difficult week. So when we got back from the temple on Monday I talked my branch pres into getting together the money to go again. So on Monday it started out good. Tuesday we talked to a guy with a 35 passenger bus so that we could go. Cause there was a few people who helped with getting stuff ready but didn’t end up going so I wanted them to go. So we talked to the guy and told us 4000 limps 200 bucks. So I was going to put 1500 and the branch pres also. But we couldn’t get any money together. So we left it just at 3000 limps and we were going to get a smaller bus on Friday but then we were going to have to choose 15 people to go and we could justify leaving people out so instead of making people mad at us or at the church we didn’t go. I was a big shame I wanted to go sooooooo bad. 

The whole week we were trying to go with the Nunez family but we couldn’t get a hold of them. Then on Friday we finally got to talk to Miriam and all she had to say were complaints about how the food was organized for the temple and all kinds of stuff that had happened. So we had to explain some stuff to her but she did like the actual temple which was good. So on Saturday we went back just to invite her to church and her son in law answered the door and told us that she wasn’t there. And I moved myself and I saw her run into another room. I almost asked her son in law if he knew that lying was a sin haha. But I didn’t haha. On Sunday we went over to see if she was going to go to church and she was still in her night gown making tortilla and was making up a bunch of excuses, so it looks like we are going to have to drop her it was really bad. 

Then that night we went with Miguel Gallardo. He is the principal of a school in San Lorenzo and is just way to busy. And basically explained to us that he was too busy to be able to listen to us for right now. So basically every one of our main investigators have fallen through this weekend. It was really difficult but it had to be done with both. 

But with Miguel there is hope still he just needs to be less busy. So right now with my last 2 weeks in this area we are starting from basically scratch. So will see. I imagine that Elder Mendoza after this change will be training as well so I’ll be having a grandson. I have to get the area ready for him so he has a good experience here in his 1st area haha. 

This week was a difficult week. So hopefully we can pull things together. I have the faith that we can do it. Man I can’t wait for changes hahaha. Love you guys tell everyone that I'm doing great and I say hi to all of them 

Elder Spencer Olsen 

we got a little lost hahaha

  This is my Branch Pres. youngest son his name is Christian i call him the muppet
 This is my Zone in San Lorenzo 
This is my Elders Quorum Pres. They told him that he could whiten his teeth with charcoal. So he did it. I told him he looked like he was dressing up like a clown to go sing to the people on the buses for money. 
People do that here  
 This is Elder Lopez. He is waiting for his visa to mexico. He is a really cool kid
 This is the new Suyapa, the Catholic Church that the temple was going to cover up haha
So our Church had chosen a site for the new Temple and had the ground breaking ceremony.  Then there were problems that the Catholic Church wasn't happy that our temple was right by their new Church.  So the Church Leaders decided to move locations to keep peace.  
ironing board hahaha
I love to see what is on his desk!

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