Sunday, December 2, 2012

Langue Nov 19, 2012

Hey mom and everyone

Ok so 1st off tell Mitchell just get one a Zoomies that would be better. (Mitchell asked for a Hackie Sack from Honduras).  And I still haven’t been to Choluteca yet, that was supposed to be tomorrow but they changed it for Friday so I’m solid.  But I have some plans to buy so cool stuff when I was in Monjaras with Elder Carter. He knew where all the cool stuff in Choluteca is so I’m going to go to a few of those places. I’m working on your guy’s package right now. So I should come back with some cool stuff from Choluteca this week. I should send that package off next Monday. The big thing is going to be finding the box for all that stuff.
Umm, no I still haven’t been out to Dani and Lani's house yet. And Lani's mother in law is the member. I still have never met her mom but I do know her brother and I met him back in Monjaras.
So the big thing that happened this last week was there were the primary elections in Honduras yesterday.  So back in Danli we worked with that family Samuel and Erika. Samuel is a big time politics guy and what not.  So he explained to us a little bit about the political parties. So there is one called Libre, and so the way I understood them is that they are the Laminites that want a king, and they have a hard time with gringos. So when President was out here last month for interviews I asked him about that, and he agreed. So he decided that all the missionaries had to stay in that day. That we were to only go to church and to go home and stay in all day. So what me and my comp did is we made a traditional Honduran food called baleadas at 4 in the afternoon to pass the time. We invited the branch secretary and elders quorum pres. to help and to pitch in a few things. It was a great time.
But this week was just really a normal week other than that. We should be having a baptism on the 1st of December. Her name is Sandy.  She is the sister of the primary president. She came to church yesterday. And it was the primary program. Wowowowow. That was the cutest Honduran primary program I have ever seen. It only lasted like 20 minutes. And the primary president finished the meeting like she was the one conducting it. I had a feeling that that was going to happen. Oh well too late now. But other than that it was a good little program.
Well I love you guys I’m doing great, loving it up out here in Honduras. Don’t worry about me I’m doing great.

Elder Spencer Olsen

this is a crazy guy that we are trying to teach that i gave him a ride back to his house 
more fotos coming

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